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March 2023
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5 skincare myths debunked and crucial information you need to know from our resident expert
Do you know the difference between dry and dehydrated skin? Is it the same thing? We’re looking at popular skincare myths.
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'Did he exist? Did he not exist?': The hunt for the real King Arthur
With King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword hitting cinemas this weekend, we take a closer look.
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'There is a jungle of information out there': Warning over online cancer myths
The public has been urged not to trust the internet for medical advice.
# debunked
8 commonly believed beauty myths that are mostly nonsense
Does toothpaste really get rid of pimples?
# Mythbusting
How many of these nutrition myths do you still believe?
Four plates of pasta won’t always help you..
# What the what?
11 facts everyone knows that are actually completely wrong
Everything you know is a lie.
# Slender Man
Everything you need to know about horror meme Slender Man
The Internet urban legend is claimed to have inspired two 12-year-old girls to stab their friend 19 times.
# Pylon on the pressure
MEP looks to tackle government's pylon 'myths' as Coveney acknowledges 'genuine concerns'
The pylons controversy rumbles on…
# myth-busting
The truth behind 5 old wives' tales
Sitting too close to the TV? Swallowed chewing gum? Worried chocolate causes spots? Relax – it’s not as bad as you were led to believe.
# or do they?
Mermaids don't exist: official line from US government
…Or rather they say that there is “no evidence” that they exist. Which might mean that they just haven’t yet found the evidence…