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The Irish For: Are Irish names really that difficult to pronounce?
We should look at names we don’t understand as something exciting to be figured out, writes Darach Ó Séaghdha.
Here are the names of the 39 victims of the Essex lorry tragedy
Two 15-year-old boys are among the dead.
Ciara, Hugh, Liam, Maura: Met Éireann has released this year's list of winter storm names
It’s the fifth year that the forecaster will take part in the ‘Name Our Storms’ scheme.
These are the most popular baby names for boys and girls in 2018
Jack and Emily remain the most popular names for Irish babies.
The Irish For... Seal snot: The literal translations of sea creatures are brilliant
The Irish term for a jellyfish translates literally as seal snot. If this floats your boat you might also enjoy mathair shúigh – suckmother – for squid.
The Irish For... Why do feelings run so high around the letter V?
Is V a cheeky stowaway in the Irish language? Darach Ó Séaghdha takes a look.
Anyone with an Irish name will understand Chrissy Teigen's silence while the world butchered her surname
Hey, people, learn to pronounce non-English names.
Kevin, Hannah, Idris, Saoirse: Here's Met Éireann's list of storm names for the winter
Is your name on the list?
These are some of the most popular Irish baby names outside of Ireland
Well, we do like to travel.
'Where is my name?': Afghan women want husbands to call them by their own names in public
It is common for women to be referred to as the “wife of” or “daughter of” a man, rather than by their names.
Muhammad, Willow and Matilda are the highest-climbing baby names in Ireland
The surname Murphy accounted for over 1.1% (697 births) while Kelly accounts for 0.9% or 598 births.
James and Emily are the most popular baby names in Ireland
The 2016 figures also show that Freya and Muhammad are the highest new entries.
14 things you'll know if you grew up with an unusual name
No souvenir keychains for you :(
Met Éireann complaint says calling storms after Christian names is 'very unfair'
Over a 10 month period, Met Éireann received 112 complaints from members of the public.
9 things all people with the surname O'Sullivan know to be true
15 of the fastest growing hipster baby names in Ireland
Get them while they’re hot.
The Czech Republic doesn't want to be called the Czech Republic anymore
It prefers Czechia.
Judge rules woman cannot name her daughter Cyanide
She had said the name had positive associations.
16 old-fashioned baby names that need to make a comeback
Francis, Jacinta and Sharon — the hipster baby names of 2026.
12 struggles only people called Áine will understand
A constant ánnoyance.
11 struggles only people called Róisín will understand
A constant disappointment.
What Is Your True Irish Name?
From now on, you must demand to be known as such.
14 of the most hilariously posh birth announcements ever published
From the pages of the Daily Telegraph, obviously.
8 struggles everyone with a common name will relate to
A constant struggle.
The 11 worst things about having an Irish name abroad
Calling all Raisins, Osheens and Owfes.
Starbucks just can't stop butchering Irish names on their cups
Every damn time.
14 Irish baby names the world really needs to know about
Calling all Sadhbhs, Iarlas and Naoises!
These are the countries that care most and least about cheating
It’s really not that big a deal in France.
How do England's most popular baby names compare to ours?
We have similar tastes, to a point.
These are the tech terms and names you are likely mispronouncing
Mail… kimp?
Do you have one of Ireland's most common surnames?
The CSO has released data on the most common surnames in the country – is yours in there?
Ireland's most popular baby names: Miley and Angel, your time has come*
*But you’re not in the top 100 just yet.
15 Irish surnames that are now actually popular baby names in America
Finnegan, Delaney, Collins – ALL BABY NAMES.
A teenager called 'Beyoncé' has inspired the funniest Facebook comments of all time
Beyoncé, meet Shakira, Jennifer and Jim.
'Islamic State' calls for attacks on US soldiers as names and addresses published
However, security sources believe the information was already in the public domain.
Is your first name ridey? Survey reveals sexiest and least sexiest names
Did your name make it?
Millionairess 'black widow' suspected of killing husband
The woman, Chisako Kakehi, denies any involvement in the deaths.
Naming cats and dogs: New figures show we like giving our animals celebrity names
The research, based on 70,000 pets from clinics in Dublin, Meath and Kildare, also shows a decline for some of the more traditional monikers.
HSE test website used 'Master Bator' and 'n*****r' as dummy patient names
However, there is no evidence to suggest that the details were inputted by HSE employees, as the website was publicly accessible.
What to do if you forget someone's name immediately after meeting them
What strategy do you have to deal with dreaded memory blank?