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You won't be seeing the weird new Guinness pint glass in Ireland

At this time there are no plans to launch the new glass in Ireland.

CAUSING QUITE THE stir online yesterday was the news that Guinness has introduced a brand new pint glass for its famous stout.

The new, distinctively slim pint glass had been spotted in a few pubs around the UK in January – with the first sighting coming via a West London pub earlier this month:

Guinnesspintglass Source: @RavenPub

A Guinness spokesperson has confirmed to DailyEdge.ie that the new pints are specifically for the UK market – with no sign of them in Irish pubs:

“The Harp glass is available in selected pubs and restaurants in the UK only,” the spokesperson said.

“At this time there are no plans to launch the new Harp glass in Ireland,” Guinness confirmed.

Needless to say, most people weren’t impressed with the new design

So, for the moment at least, these people can rest assured that this new Guinness glass will only be available in the UK and not in Ireland.

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