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"Despicable and sexist" - the New York Times is under fire for this headline

Oh very dear.
Jun 18th 2015, 8:41 PM 8,525 8

THE NEW YORK Times is being accused of sexism after a story about womens’ fashion was tweeted with the headline:

gazemain Source: Twitter

Once the link is followed the headline on this piece itself reads:

cover Source: New York Times

The body of the article details the author’s shock at the dark and heavy clothes young women on the streets of New York are choosing to wear, even in the summer heat, women being asked what kind of clothes make them feel attractive, questions about dressing for men, and the line:

Many young women today choose not to dress for a man’s gaze, even when the weather seems to dictate the baring of skin.

Among the reasons listed are the ’90s comeback, the rising tide of fourth-wave feminism and the a newfound combativeness toward street harassment.

Predictably, it hasn’t gone down well.

Some are arguing that the ‘male gaze’ message in the tweet isn’t necessarily reflected in the article, which details some of the women interviewed describing the idea of dressing for men as “ridiculous” or “really pointless”.

Not many though




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