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Tweet Sweeper: Who reckons Ruby Walsh could take Chuck Norris?

We reckon there’s a slight size discrepancy. It’s all the most gas tweets from celebrities.
Mar 15th 2014, 11:15 AM 1,592 1

AFTER THE WEEK of racing that was in it, some Irish celebrities got a bit passionate about the horses…

We’re looking at you, Bressie

Just you, hon

Dunno, count your money?


You do know you can text her this, right?


The sentiment is beaut, Cher, but… goats?

Petition to ban the use of “sleeps” to mark time, anyone?

Our two fantasy besties, tbh

Look what The Boss posted on Instagram! AWWWW

Oh Sarah. Never change

Is it pronounced like “Kanye”?


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