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This Finding Dory kids' lamp isn't quite so cute when you turn it on...
Nightmare fuel.
# nightmares
Chad Mendes is still losing sleep about McGregor defeat at UFC 189
The former number one contender insists he’d win a rematch.
# nightmares
Scottish football club's new mascot looks like 'Lisa Simpson on crystal meth'
RIP Jaggy MacBee.
# Unbelievable Jeff
This open-goal miss is the kind of thing strikers have nightmares about
A Kaiserslautern player somehow failed to hit the target from two yards out.
# what time is it
The 9 stages of sleeping through your alarm
The very thought of it sends a shiver down the bravest spine.
# the horror!
Horrifying daddy longlegs video will give you nightmares
WHY would you touch it. WHY.
# wanna cracker?
WATCH: This parrot's laughter is downright terrifying
We’re scared, very scared.
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Sitdown Sunday: The 20 deadliest reads of 2012
It’s been a year of great writing. Here’s the very best from around the web.
Sitdown Sunday: 7 deadly reads
The very best of the week’s writing from around the web.