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Cillian Murphy was having none of the Irish stereotypes on Stephen Colbert last night
“The leprechauns hide them from you”
A photo of a pizza slice with a rake of pineapple on it has given Twitter conniptions
Ah here.
Sky has cancelled *that* Michael Jackson episode starring Joseph Fiennes
How inevitable.
15 key differences between reality TV in Ireland and reality TV in America
We just do things differently.
A passenger spotted this taxi driver's seriously cringe call history
Hello..? Is this porn?
'We have said time and again that we're not going in with Sinn Féin'
There’s a new round of speculation that the two parties could do a post-election deal.
Jan O'Sullivan is 'absolutely determined' to continue Junior Cert reform despite union opposition
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the classroom…
The cast of the Fantastic Four were the latest to face an excruciatingly awkward interview
Make it end.
Benefit upset a lot of people by joining in on a 'fat-shaming' Twitter hashtag
The company made some contributions to #MakeAMovieAFatty .
Texas is fighting back against US marriage equality
The state’s attorney general said Texans ‘must speak with one voice against this lawlessness’.
13 grammar fails that will make your brain hurt
“aaaaaaaaAAAAaAAAAARRRRGGGHH” – nerds
Here's how you can avoid spoilers for Game of Thrones (and other shows)
For the web is dark and full of terrors.
Homer and Marge are splitting up
Ah here.
Can you make it through this post without losing your nerves?
Aaaaaand breathe again.
The Lib Dems released an excruciating Uptown Funk video
Cannot be unseen.
Stop the world, let us off. Sex selfie sticks are now a horrifying reality
Watch this Labour minister rule out coalition with just about everyone*
* Except Fine Gael.
"Bonkers" ... That's what Peter Robinson thinks of the 'gay marriage cake' row
An Antrim bakery firm is being taken to court over its refusal to bake a Bert & Ernie ‘pro-gay marriage’ cake.
There is a company in Wicklow currently hiring 150 Ch***tmas elves
No. No. NO.
Irish mam loses the head at son's surprise arrival home
He’d been gone for two years, TWO YEARS.
Lawyers warn TDs: Don't ask Angela Kerins about her salary, ok?
TDs aren’t happy about the warning.
Is the false widow spider in Ireland? Maybe...
*This article contains spiders.
Watch: This former British prime minister doesn't want to answer any questions
Gordon Brown practically ran away from a journalist wanting to question him about fresh allegations concerning his former special advisor.
10 horrible realisations that strike fear in your daily life
Oh no. There’s no toilet paper…
She DID say yes! Here's what happened after the Rose of Tralee proposal...
New Orleans Rose MollyMolloy and Kyle were interviewed backstage. Awkward.
Video: When Margaret Thatcher didn't want to jump for TV
The lady’s not for jumping…