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January 2023
MCD apologises after 'premature' announcement of Noel Gallagher gig in Dublin this summer
Tickets were due to go on sale this Friday at 9am.
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Extra trains running this weekend for Bon Jovi and Noel Gallagher concerts
Additional security and Garda resources will be in operation on Irish Rail trains over the weekend.
# england's coming home
Liam Gallagher said his brother Noel 'should be shot' for 'putting a curse' on England's World Cup hopes
Last week Noel insisted that football was “not f**king coming home”.
# It Might Come Home
The Gallagher brothers can't agree on whether or not football's coming home
In a stunning turn of events, their feud continues.
# Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher got booed by English fans after he told them football 'f**king isn't' coming home
We now have a new favourite Gallagher.
# Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher just said that his brother Noel is 'worse than Donald Trump'
Don’t hold back there, Liam.
# brotherly love
Liam and Noel Gallagher are back on good terms and it's as close as we'll ever get to a Christmas miracle
What are the chances it will last?
# wrong gallagher
Graham Norton mixed up Noel and Liam Gallagher on his show last night, and it was gas
# Hail Pep
‘Guardiola is a f***ing Messiah,' says rock 'n' roll star Noel Gallagher
The former Oasis guitarist is a devout Man City fan.
# it's a snip
Noel Gallagher's band contains a woman who plays... the scissors
Cutting edge technology. (Sorry.)
# liam vs noel
Liam Gallagher won't stop saying he's 'upset' that Noel covered an Oasis song at a show in Brazil
He didn’t even write ‘as you were LG x’ afterwards.
# rock n roll star
Noel Gallagher told a great story of meeting Michael D Higgins hungover at Bono's house
And how he basically can’t keep up with U2′s boozing. Sh*t one Noel.
# Our Kid
Liam and Noel Gallagher's kids are feuding with each other too, of course
From generation to generation!
# Give it a rest
Liam Gallagher is complaining about Noel Gallagher's performance at the re-opening of Manchester Arena
He believed that Noel’s tears were a ‘PR stunt’.
# we are manchester
'Move forward with love and not hate': Peter Kay's message of defiance as Manchester Arena reopens
Noel Gallagher led the crowd in a sing-along of Don’t Look Back in Anger, calling it an “anthem of defiance”.
# Quiz
Are You More Like Liam Or Noel Gallagher?
Antagonist or antagonised?
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Mo Farah got mixed up between Noel and Liam Gallagher, and Liam had the perfect response
Mo’s not an Oasis fan, so?
# Rock and Mo Star
Mo Farah posts photo with Noel Gallagher at U2 gig... gets it horribly wrong
The Olympic gold medallist clearly isn’t an Oasis fan.
# one love manchester
The One Love Manchester organisers have defended Noel Gallagher for not playing the gig
“Let’s keep the positivity please,” they said to no one in particular *cough* Liam Gallagher *cough*.
# Feud
Liam Gallagher is very angry that 'sad f**k' Noel didn't show his face at the Manchester gig
There were rumblings of a Gallagher brothers reunion at One Love Manchester last night, but alas…
# Our Kid
Michael Fassbender and Bono turned up to Noel Gallagher's birthday party and it looked like serious craic
Along with Madonna and a host of other famous friends.
# guess who's dead
Noel Gallagher told a very amusing story about getting 'Guess who's dead?' calls from his Irish Mammy
“Do you remember Gerard?” “No, Mam.”
# brotherly love
A complete history of Liam Gallagher starting sh*t with Noel on Twitter
The “Ronnie Corbett of rock n roll”.
# Football friends
'Whenever you need a friend, come to my house for tea': Pep Guardiola surprises 7-year-old fan
Braydon thought he was being interviewed by the club’s media department rather than the new manager.
# sweet sixteen
De Rossi on Roy Keane: 'He's my absolute hero - the 16 on my shirt is dedicated to him'
The Roma midfielder also identified Eric Cantona and Roberto Baggio as his favourite footballers.
# Let There Be Love
Noel Gallagher's reactions during Man City's shootout win over Liverpool are brilliant
The club filmed the rock star as he and his friends watched on nervously at Wembley.
# City rivals
Only Noel Gallagher could persuade David Beckham to pose for a photo like this one
The former Man United winger put his allegiances aside for a gig at the Royal Albert Hall last night.
# look back in anger
Noel Gallagher absolutely owned a heckler in Cork last night
Don’t mess with Noel.
# noel's life tips
Noel Gallagher had some choice words for Zayn Malik
‘Get a good accountant.’ Oh, Noel.
# News Fix
Here's What Happened Today: Sunday
A tragedy in Cork, snow across the country and a big win for Ireland had everyone talking today.
# what's the story?
Yep, Noel Gallagher was miming on RTÉ last night
Saturday Night Show viewers were left decidedly unimpressed by Gallagher’s performance.
# satnightshow
Yep, Noel Gallagher was miming on RTÉ last night
Saturday Night Show viewers were left decidedly unimpressed by Gallagher’s performance.
# who is she
Kathryn Thomas was mortified in front of Noel Gallagher on the Saturday Night Show
Brendan O’Connor, you divil.
# rock'n'roll star
Noel Gallagher hailed the influence of The Brodge on Match Of The Day 2 last night
The High Flying Birds frontman played the pundit last night.
# novelty
Match of the Day have announced their latest celebrity pundit*
*Article also includes footage of that time Bertie Ahern appeared on The Premiership.
# fight your father
Noel Gallagher says he wants the Rubberbandits as his backing band
This must happen.
# noel vs ed
Ed Sheeran fires back after Noel Gallagher slags his Wembley gigs
Noel said he “can’t live” in a world where Ed is headlining Wembley. We say: FIIIIIIIIIIGHT.
# banter
Noel Gallagher has ruthlessly vandalised a prized possession of Gary Neville's
Gallagher ‘signed’ the guitar as only he could.
# Football friends
Check out when Noel Gallagher and Gary Neville met up to talk City, United and derby days
David De Gea, Manuel Pellegrini and Ricky Hatton all cropped up in conversation as well.
# Respect
Noel Gallagher on his 'love' for Roy Keane
The former Oasis guitarist was impressed with how the Corkonian stood up to Alex Ferguson.