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How to survive nuclear war in 1960s Ireland

According to advice given by the Government.
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EARLIER THIS YEAR, Redditor Stephen O’Sullivan found this nuclear survival handbook in his grandparents’ house.

Images used by permission of Stephen O’Sullivan

It was issued by the Government around 1965, when the threat of nuclear war was at its height across Europe.

Here’s what householders of the time were advised to do if a nuclear explosion struck Ireland.

Keep your radio set switched on and tuned in to Radio Éireann all the time – day and night

Listen out for a “National Alert indicating that war has broken out”

Select a ‘refuge room’ in your house or block of flats

“A room with a small window is better than one with a big window”

Build fortifications around your house

For example, by pushing wardrobes up to the windows and filling them with earth.

Stock up on food

If you need to milk cows, build a shelter for someone to stay with them in the barn

“What you could do in advance is to build up a heavily protected “box” in the byre so that somebody can stay with the cows during the danger period.” See diagram.

Avoid being hit by flying objects

So, now you know. You can read the full booklet here, thanks to Stephen O’Sullivan.

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