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Everyone's talking about these photos of Demi Lovato in the nip
Their message is seriously inspiring. (Somewhat NSFW pics inside.)
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Miss America apologises to Vanessa Williams 32 years after naked photo scandal
She is the only Miss America who has been asked to resign.
# Chicago
FBI raided house in search for mastermind of nude celebrity photo hack
But did they merely find another victim?
# Hacked
Reddit cracks down on 'revenge porn', bans stolen nudes
The move appears to be in response to the celebrity nude leaks of last year.
# Hacked
Google is starting to delete links to Jennifer Lawrence's nude photos
Lawyers for the actress have been working to remove sites hosting the images.
# j-law
Jennifer Lawrence joked about the nude photos, and some people are very angry
The actress has been accused of making transphobic comments.
# Privacy
Celebrities who took nude photos are "dumb" - EU Commissioner
Günther Oettinger, the EU’s next head of digital economy, has blamed celebrities for the recent nude photo leak.
# emma watson
Emma Watson nude photo threat was a 'marketing ploy' to shut down 4chan
An organisation called Rantic Marketing attempted to frame 4chan for the threats.
# Hacked
Trolls threaten to leak Emma Watson's nude photos after feminism speech
Users of the website 4chan claim they will leak the photos in retaliation to Watson’s speech in the UN over the weekend.
# Privacy
'Rihanna and Kim Kardashian' among victims of second massive nude photo hack
A second wave of nude photos, apparently of female celebrities, have been posted online.
# Hacked
Cancer charity rejects donations from Reddit users who viewed J-Law's nude photos
The charity said it would ‘never condone’ fundraising in this manner.
Column: Children don't understand the consequences of sexting
Children as young as 10 have engaged in ‘sexting’ – sending explicit images or texts to another person — but they are distanced from the reality of what they are doing, writes Dr Maureen Griffin.
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The Dredge: How much does it cost to see Schwarzenegger in the nip?
Loads. The very best of the morning’s celebrity dirt, including “Schwarzenegger’s Schwanz”.
# prince nekky
Naked photos of Prince Harry leaked
In other news, human civilisation has reached its quota of “crown jewels” jokes.
# celebrity hacker
Accused celebrity hacker apologises for violating stars' privacy
The man accused of hacking into the personal accounts of stars like Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis has apologised, saying “what I did was probably one of the worst invasions of privacy someone could experience”.