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Irish smartarse tries to troll O2 live chat, gets shut down

Don’t mess with O2. Just don’t.
Apr 22nd 2014, 8:50 AM 6,977 2

WE’VE ALL CONSIDERED it. We’re bored, and the O2 live chat is just there to be messed with.

But this lad actually went ahead and trolled – and O2 just weren’t having it.

o2 Source: Niall Gargan

Matt: Hi, I’m Matt. How can I help you today?
Niall: Hello Matt, I just have a quick question. When you were in school did people go up to you and say “Matt-chew!” in a sneezing sound?
Matt: I am sorry but I am here to assist you with the O2 related query.
Niall: My apologies. When you’re in the O2 office do people go up to you and say “Matt-chew!” in a sneezing sound?
Matt: If you have any O2 related query, please let me know otherwise I will have to end the chat.
Niall: Matt, that was an O2 related question. I’m afraid I might have upset you :(
Matt: Have a great day ahead, take care.

Looks like Matt has had experience with “Matt-chew!” name-callers before. We’re here for you, Matt(-chew!)

Thanks to Niall for sending this in

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