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GALLERY: Protestors occupy AIB branches over €1 billion bond repayment
Sinn Féin protested at AIB’s O’Connell St branch – while the Occupy movement moved into Grafton St – to protest the move.
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Occupy Dame Street forces closure of Bank of Ireland branch
Members of the Occupy movement entered the branch during the lunchtime rush, forcing the branch to close early.
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Protesters occupy Referendum Commission offices
Occupy Dame Street accused Commission of a “misleading representation of the Fiscal Treaty”.
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Occupy The Dáil action shut down by gardaí
But an activist said the group are planning a “substantial” action before the fiscal treaty referendum.
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VIDEO: Dublin Sheriff's office occupied in protest at Killiney eviction
The protesters are demonstrating against the eviction of Brendan and Asta Kelly from their home in Killiney yesterday.
Column: Does the Occupy movement have a future?
Occupy’s moment may have passed it by – but that is not to say that it could not have a lasting impact, writes Dr Sarah Campbell.
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Occupy Cork announces voluntary dismantling of protest camp
The movement is ending its protest, citing fears that the camp could be removed without warning by the council.
Column: Why is it cringeworthy to get behind a cause?
There seems to be a trend towards stigmatising protesters, writes columnist Lisa McInerney. What are we afraid of? The Bono effect?
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Budgets, ballots and TDs getting booted: the week in statistics
How much is the government overspending by? How much money is Greece about to save? And who’s the richest Irishman alive?
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Occupy Galway protesters reject council request to pack up
A spokesperson for the movement said protesters would not be dismantling the camp in Eyre Square.
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How did the foreign press cover Occupy Dame Street camp's removal?
Gallery: Check out the headlines the camp’s forced dismantling created in Britain, the US – and Egypt.
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Occupy Waterford camp dismantled by council
The protest has become the second such camp to be removed, after Occupy Dame Street was taken down yesterday.
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In pictures: Occupy protesters descend on Pearse Street Garda station
The protesters, whose camp outside the Central Bank was cleared this morning, were demanding that their belongings be returned.
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In pictures: Gardaí prevent Occupy camp regeneration
The Occupy Dame Street protest camp was dismantled by gardaí early this morning.
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Central Bank requested Occupy camp's removal on garda advice
The bank says it made the request after gardaí raised concerns over public order regarding the camp.
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Poll: Were gardai right to remove Occupy Dame Street camp?
The structures erected by protestors at the Central Bank plaza were removed in the early hours of the morning by gardai and Dublin City Council. Do you agree with that action?
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Occupy Dame Street camp removed from Central Bank base
The protest camp was entered at around 3.30am by a large number of gardaí and Dublin City Council staff, and dismantled.
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'The camp will continue' - Occupy Dame St vows to stay for Patrick's Day parade
Gardaí had asked the camp to dismantle for the parade due to health and safety concerns.
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Poll: Should the Occupy Dame St camp move for St Patrick's Day?
The campaigners have been asked to leave the Central Bank plaza for the festival weekend. But what do you think?
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Central Bank has 'no inclination' to force Occupy Dame Street out, says governor
Patrick Honohan says the bank has no inclination at present to push for the #ODS protest camp’s removal.
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Occupy Dame Street camp is "killing" Temple Bar businesses
Small business owners said today that the camp is stopping people from vising shops in the area.
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Time Magazine's Person of the Year is.... The Protester
Time says that protesters across the Middle East, Europe and North America changed the world in 2011 – but who were the runners up?
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WATCH: Christy Moore sings ‘Ride On’ at Occupy Dame Street
Ireland’s best-known troubador dropped by for an impromptu gig at the Central Bank last night. Here’s the video.
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Occupy Dame Street protesters warned of legal action
The protest group says they have been advised that the Central Bank will seek a High Court injunction against their encampment tomorrow.
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Occupy Dame Street builds wooden kitchen in front of Central Bank
The kitchen, which the group says is not a permanent structure and is just like the tents and yurt already on site, will provide hot meals for those in the camp.
Column: Cardinal Rules - on Occupy Jim Sheridan's gaff
This week, the (not) Primate of All-Ireland is caught up in #Occupy fever – and decides to #Occupy Jim Sheridan’s €7,000-a-month rented house.
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Poll: Are people in Ireland too apathetic?
People in Ireland are happy to complain – but often unwilling to take real action, Alice Burke writes on this morning. So what do you think?
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USI denies 'collusion' with Gardaí to stop 'Occupy University' protest
A student group affiliated to the Occupy movement claims USI and Gardaí combined to stop them from joining yesterday’s rally.
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Dozens of Occupy protesters arrested as movement defies eviction
Protesters in Oakland and Portland have been defying camp eviction orders, while over 40 demonstrators in Salt Lake City and Albany.
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Occupy Dame Street marches through Dublin as deaths put pressure on US movement
Police in Oakland, California are again calling on the city’s Occupy protest camp to disband, saying the protesters are diverting police resources from crime-afflicted areas.