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This jaw-dropping job advert is going viral on Twitter

Oct 13th 2015, 10:35 AM 7,817 5

A JOB ADVERT was published in the Guardian today. It seeks a “literary assistant”, for £25k-35k a year.

Sounds alright, right? Except it’s not JUST a literary assistant. It’s a literary assistant…

Source: @RebeccaCNReid

Yep, Miss Moneypenny.

Source: Wikipedia

Lara Croft? Remember her?

Source: Gamerheadlines

Right, OK. Literary assistant, sexy secretary, buxom hiker in hot pants. Got it.

So what does the job actually involve?

Oh, it’s an assistant in “the international adventure of researching and writing the greatest love story ever told”.

Source: @RebeccaCNReid

And you also have to be a “sedulous personal assistant and glamorous hostess”.

Any particular skills you’d require?

Source: @RebeccaCNReid

Well, as it happens my key strengths DO include…

Mooching with me through a Sicilian rose garden testing my knowledge of ancient and voluptuous vocabulary [or] slipping into a cocktail dress for a revival Grecian dinner party.

So could you sum it all up please?

“You will be a sort of companionable Gwenth [sic] Paltrow to Tony Stark – only except that you will have charisma”


The advert, it seems, has now been taken down.

It’s now being widely shared on Twitter. But perhaps this user said it best.

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