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Has the government delivered on its 'ultimate goal'? One year in, here's how it has fared
Last week we looked at its record on health and housing. This week we’re looking at jobs and education.
In pics: Tensions, visits and tantrums - the new Dáil's first year in photos
It’s been exactly one year since the current crop of TDs took their seats in Leinster House for the first session of the current Dáil. Here’s what’s happened over the year in photographs.
12 random items that convulsed Irish politics this past year
Septic tanks, dry-cleaning receipts and Michael D’s knees – just some of the strange things we never thought we’d obsess about in a political context… but we do now.
Dáil party leaders mentioned in over 108,600 articles since GE11
From ETA’s ceasefire to the Queen’s visit, here the issues that saw members of the 31st Dáil getting media attention over the past 12 months.
In the polls: How have political parties fared since GE11?
Check out how national opinion polls have tracked the main parties and Independents since the 31 Dáil took office.
'The government has made a solid start': watch Enda's One Year In message
‘You don’t need to tell me that it’s been a tough year,’ Kenny says.
FG photocall cancelled 'because too few TDs would attend'
Fine Gael’s photo op to mark one year in power wasn’t cancelled because of a mix-up – but because nobody wanted to go.
How has the Government REALLY done in its first year? This is how. has drafted its own indepth report card on what Fine Gael and Labour did, and didn’t, do in 20 areas of policy over the past 12 months.
Poll: What grade would you give this Government for its first year?
The Labour-Fine Gael coalition took its place in the 31st Dáil on this day one year ago. How do you think it has performed?
From #danafacts to #cardiff: top hashtags of the 31st Dáil’s first year
The government’s first year in office has seen Twitter debates over Miss Piggy, print toner and internship schemes.’s progress report for the Government: Disability, carers
Kathleen Lynch is in charge of ensuring that the disabled and minorities are given a fair deal. How has she done so far?’s progress report for the Government: Justice and law reform
Alan Shatter has been one of the most pro-active ministers in the current government – but one year on, what has been achieved in the area of justice and law reform?’s progress report for the Government: SMEs, credit for businesses
Small firms have long complained about the shortage of credit to get them up and running. How has Richard Bruton responded?’s progress report for the Government: Political reform
The government has promised major political reform – but has it fulfilled its promises, one year in?’s progress report for the Government: Energy, environment
Phil Hogan and Pat Rabbitte have been tasked with keeping us green and energy efficient. How have they done?’s progress report for the Government: Communications, technology
How has Pat Rabbitte gotten on in implementing the promises of the Programme for Government? We’ve had a look.’s progress report for the Government: Social welfare
Has Joan Burton kept the government’s promises of reversing cuts while keeping all baseline social welfare rates unchanged?’s progress report for the Government: Agriculture
How has Simon Coveney done in implementing the promises in the Programme for Government? We take a look.’s progress report for the Government: Constitutional reform
Political reform was a hot topic in the election that saw Fine Gael and Labour take power. So what’s happened since?
The's progress report for the Government: Education
The government promised to deliver a lot of changes in education – but one year in, has it delivered?’s progress report for the Government: Health
One year in, has the government fulfilled its promises on fixing the health system?’s progress report for the Government: Housing
Distressed mortgages, social housing, ghost estates, homelessness – how has the government done in the area of housing in its first year?’s progress report for the Government: Tourism
Increasing tourism is seen as one of the most important ways for Ireland to revive the economy. How has Leo Varadkar done?’s progress report for the Government: Jobs
The unemployment crisis has been one of the biggest issues facing the government. One year in, what has it achieved on the jobs front?’s progress report for the Government: Children
One year ago, the government created a separate Department of Children for the first time – but has it lived up to its promises?’s progress report for the Government: Climate change policy
Ireland had pledged to legislate for the UN2020 and Kyoto targets. Has the new government been eco-friendly?’s progress report for the Government: Transport
How has the government managed on its promises for public transport, speed limits, taxi regulation and more?’s progress report for the Government: Public sector reform
The government promised to cut public sector numbers, increase accountability and improve performance. What’s happened?’s progress report for the Government: Foreign affairs, Europe
We look at the progress made by Eamon Gilmore and Lucinda Creighton in their pledges to change our wider relationships.’s progress report for the Government: Banking and the IMF/EU deal
It’s possibly the single biggest issue facing the government – but how has it dealt with the troika deal and banking in its first year?
FG cancels 'year in power' photocall after Rabbitte criticises 'silly' event
The ‘year in office’ photocall planned for Merrion Square is called off after Pat Rabbitte labels the event “a bit silly”.
Enda to publish progress report - but ditches ministerial 'report cards'
The government will today publish a report on its progress after 12 months in power, but there won’t be data on each minister.