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# hate it or love it
Jury to 50 Cent: Pay €4.5M to woman who sued over sex tape
IT is alleged that the rapper was involved in the narration and posting of the video.
# Like a Girl
People reckon this campaign about 'girls' limitations' is pretty inspiring
Always has said that 72% of the girls they asked said they felt limited by society
# watch this
Here's where YouTube's first massive stars are now
Look at them go.
# Freedom of Speech
Senator says cyberbullying bill could silence people like Mairia Cahill
Under the proposed law, a person could face 12 months in jail or a €5,000 fine.
# Take a Break
What life would be like without the internet
Imagine you couldn’t send pictures of cute kittens across the web… travesty.
# system down
Flying with Ryanair this weekend? You better check-in early
The airline says passengers need to check-in well before they’re meant to fly out.
# Watch Out
Experts say these are best ways to keep your identity safe online
Some are pretty simple.
# Grooming
'Be careful what images you post online, they could be used by paedophiles'
Frances Fitzgerald has warned young people to be particularly careful.
# internet fix
Here's what went viral today: Thursday
We read the internet so you don’t have to
# carpark
Man carjacked while waiting to meet woman he contacted online
The man arrived at Dundalk Garda station at 4am on Tuesday.
# Digital Media
Do you watch sport online? This could be good news for you then
Netflix haven’t ruled out streaming live sport in the future.
# Child Pornography
Massive increase in child sex abuse material uncovered by Irish internet hotline
There were 335 confirmed cases of child pornography reported last year.
# Manchester
Man tries to meet 14-year-old girl after online chat, is greeted by vigilante group instead
The man was later arrested after he reported the assault by the men to police.
# accusations
This article on female politicians was "misrepresented" - not sexist, says paper
It also focused on the posters of five male politicians.
# highly toxic
21-year-old 'burned up from within' and died after taking diet pills bought online
Her mother said the doctors ‘never stood a chance of saving her’.
# warning
Images of Irish schoolgirls are being used to advertise online escort services warn of the dangers of young people posting photographs online.
# cracking the whip
Dutch banker loses job after secret life as a dominatrix revealed
‘Conchita van der Waal’ reportedly sold her services for €450 a night.
# hidden treats
These are some of the best easter eggs you can find online
For when you’ve had your fill of the chocolate ones.
# Online
Chelsea Manning has joined Twitter from her prison cell
The Wikileaks whistleblower says she wants it to be a two-way conversation.
# Day of Action
Burton returns to Dunnes where she used to work to show solidarity with workers
The Tánaiste worked at the Henry Street store when she was a student.
# leave her alone
These rape prevention tips for men have gone wild online
“If you are in an elevator and a woman gets in, don’t rape her”.
# Discovered
Photos of nude women sleeping or passed out 'in embarrassing positions' shared by fraternity
The members of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity could face criminal charges.
# Tell All
Sharing everything about yourself online can be a form of self-bullying
“You can lose honour and respect if you’re revealing something ludicrous and silly that you’ve done.”
# IM
Stuck at a computer? Here's how to message your friend's phone without picking up your own
There’s more than just email, you know.
# TechKnowHow
So what's the deal with Smart TVs?
Almost every TV now comes with some kind of smart capability, but do they add anything to the experience?
# Online Safety
Here's how you can make your internet experience that little bit safer
As it’s Safer Internet Day it’s worth brushing up on the different factors to keep your info safe.
# globally
Fears for Irish jobs as eBay announces plans to cut 2,400 positions
The jobs cuts set to be cut in the coming months.
# Coming Out
19 heart-warming and funny reactions to Varadkar coming out
“He’s 36?!?!”
# Amazon Prime
Not everyone is happy about Woody Allen's new TV show
It hasn’t been made yet, but there is a lot of commentary about it online.
# I'm sorry
Man jailed for insulting Kenyan president on Facebook
The man, a student, pleaded guilty to hate speech.
Sell online to the EU? You could have a lot more paperwork from today
Michael Noonan has said new tax rules are a good thing, but not everyone is convinced.
# scars
There's a growing pro self-harm movement and it's worrying mental health experts
It is estimated that at least 100,000 people are self-harming in Ireland every year.
# Penetration
Has Ireland reached peak internet?
The number of homes online is the same as last year.
# Fusilier
Facebook named as host of chat which described horrific murder plan for a soldier
After the solider’s death, an online discussion about killing a solider between one of the men and someone overseas was uncovered.
# Law Reform Commission
New legislation needed to stop online "trolls"
The report published today looks at the need for regulation specific to online harassment.
# Banned
In a first for Ireland, UPC is to ban access to child sex abuse websites
Users who access child abuse material either mistakenly or deliberately will have their internet access restricted.
# Your Say
Poll: Do you object to's move to Ireland?
The controversial site has updated its safety policies after reports of cyberbullying.
Never read the T&C for any services? This will bring you up to speed
Since most people gloss over terms and agreements, you could probably do with a roundup instead.
# mairia cahill
Gerry Adams says IRA "failed victims" in how it dealt with sex abuse claims
The Sinn Féin leader writes on his blog that this is a matter of profound regret for him.
# website warning
Booking a test or visa online? Don't get stung by an unofficial website
There has been a rise in complaints about unofficial websites offering tests or even travel visas.