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Part two of the hilarious news bloopers compilation has arrived
Who knew that the news could be such gas craic?
# Oops
13 of the biggest football bloopers from this year
Includes own goals, goalkeeping howlers and some terrible spelling.
# Oops
Doh: 13% voted Yes when they meant No in Seanad referendum
A report by the Referendum Commission published today found that there was significant confusion over the ballot papers in October’s referendums.
# enjoy your trip
Sunny Obama takes down toddler at White House Christmas event
The little girl lost her balance when greeting the Obama’s newest pup.
# Oops
Coffee shop apologises after using Paul Walker films for tip jars
The shop was called out on Twitter by actor Jason Biggs.
# motts
This name tag would only be unfortunate in Ireland
Sorry, who now?
# smash
WATCH: Man smashes up apartment after landlord refuses to return deposit
Well that certainly showed him.
# You Are Here
This map proves that being Irish in China can be confusing
Where are we?
# flight fail
Massive jumbo jet mistakenly lands at tiny airport... and now it's stuck
Have you tried going out the way you came in?
# rap on the wrist
Rapper breaks female fan's arm in 30ft stage dive (video)
Watsky has apologised on his Facebook, saying his stunt was ‘inexcusable’.
# Oops
BT Sport forced to apologise after panellist's inappropriate hand gesture
Raphael Honigstein’s bad judgement resulted in the German journalist being kicked off the programme.
# Oops
Javier Hernandez fluffs simple chance, nearly costs Mexico World Cup play-off place
Mexico needed a big favour from neighbours America to book their place in the World Cup play-offs.
# Nope
Disney are re-releasing the Little Mermaid, this time they've ruined it
The ‘second screen live’ experience sounds like a horror.
Did Linford Christie leak Arsenal's new Puma kit?
The ex-British sprinter tweeted a pic of himself, Thierry Henry, Bacary Sagna and Olivier Giroud before deleting it.
# Oops
George H.W. Bush spokesman apologises in Mandela 'death' gaffe
Bush spokesman Jim McGrath circulated a prepared statement expressing Bush’s sorrow at the “death” of Mandela.
# Oops
Careful now: IndyCar driver takes out 3 members of competitor's pit crew
Someone forgot their L plates on Sunday.
# Oops
Real Madrid put Bale shirts up for sale - reports
Madrid were apparently caught counting their chickens this evening.
# contain yourself
Drunk Chinese man nearly shipped to Los Angeles
It’s the hangover story to beat.
# Busted
Police reply to man looking for a spliff on Twitter
He wasn’t serious though…seriously.
# Oops
Here's what happened with THAT error in the Leaving Cert Maths paper
The State Examinations Commission said today that approximately 4 per cent of candidates had been impacted by the error.
# Road Rage
The very best of the Garda Traffic Twitter account
As well as being useful, it’s surprisingly entertaining…
# Oops
Warrior seem to have broken Liverpool's bad language policy with kit launch
It hasn’t been the best of times for the Reds’ latest kit-maker, has it?
# doggy don't
This dog needs to go back to dog school
He’s missed one of the basics.
# Oops
Company left with 5,000 unsold plates after predicting royal princess
Get yisser royal princess souvenirs, 50 for 149.
# Oops
Forbes journalist apologises for mistakenly saying Michael D Higgins is gay
The journalist has described it as “the worst error” he has ever made.
# How did that even happen
More people are locking their keys inside their cars
The AA has warned motorists not to be complacent when it comes to vehicles during the hot weather.
# Oops
US jets drop bombs on Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Officials from both the US and Australia have said there was no harm done to the environment.
# taking a tumble
WATCH: Insane dominoes world record display
We can’t look away.
# Oops
Railway worker watches erotic film, doesn't realise laptop is connected to giant screen
Well that’s embarrassing.
# Oops
Observer newspaper pulls front page story about the NSA
The source quoted in the front page story has become known for his views that US President Barack Obama is secretly gay and that the Boston bombing suspects were government agents.
# Leaving Cert
Quinn demands investigation into Leaving Cert Maths mistakes
The minister says the SEC has two jobs now: to ensure no student suffers as a result of the error, and to stop it recurring.
# Oops
Lee Westwood is foiled by a wicker basket
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
# Oops
Explainer: Here's the problem with the Leaving Cert honours maths paper
Warning: the following article contains trigonometry.
# Oops
‘Women should shut up in public’ – Australian manager’s sexist gaffe
Socceroos boss Holger Osieck shocked reporters during his press conference.
# State Exams
Marking of Leaving Cert Maths papers 'will reflect time lost by students'
Science minister Sean Sherlock believes the State Examinations Commission will ensure no student loses out over the error.
# Oops
Further errors in Leaving Cert maths exams highlighted
Students say they were asked questions that were not on their syllabus.
# Oops
Errors discovered in Leaving Cert Maths and Junior Cert CSPE papers
The English version of a Maths question mistakenly inserted an extra number – which meant two answers are possible.
# Oooops
A Chinese teenager etched his name onto an ancient Egyptian relic
Not a great idea.
# dancefloor disaster
Make sure you don't do this while out dancing this weekend
The ultimate mortifying dancefloor moment
# Oops
Andrew Trimble misses his kick, falls on his face instead
Well, that’s embarrassing…