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# Open letter

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# Open letter
Katie Hopkins wrote a heartwarming open letter to her children and shocked everybody
That’s not like her.
# Letter
Taylor Swift writes open letter to fans about her mother's cancer
And she wants you to talk to your parents about it.
# you guys
Eoghan McDermott just handed Michael O'Doherty's arse to him on Twitter
He’s written an open letter to the VIP publisher.
# Opposition
Anti-alcohol campaign group say criticism is "premature"
The group have issued a number of radio and billboard advertisements in recent weeks.
# hidden disability
Huge reaction to woman's open letter about being tutted for using disabled toilet
Samantha Cleasby can face prejudice because there is no outward sign of her condition.
# sam cleasby
This blogger's open letter to a woman who shamed her for using a disabled toilet is going viral
“It’s an embarrassing enough thing to deal with before having to see disapproving looks or hear your laughs and jeering remarks”.
# Open letter
"For god sakes!": Jack White responds to reports about his VERY specific tour rider
He has a list of demands.
# Open letter
Over 700 artists announce a 'cultural boycott' of Israel
They say they will not accept invitations to Israel, or funding from institutions linked to its government.
# to put it bluntly
James Blunt pens scathing response to MP who called him 'posh'
Blunt called the MP a “classist gimp”.
# on brand
Russell Brand has responded to that scathing open letter from an RBS banker
He’s still blaming the bigwigs upstairs for the commotion at RBS’s London offices last Friday.
# Open letter
This scathing open letter to Russell Brand is a must read
Penned by an RBS employee, it compares the comedian to “a school bully”.
Irish hotelier pens scathing open letter to some rather exacting customers
He also manages to coin a new term, ‘Travel Review Threat’, while he’s at it.
# body beautiful
Mother of 5 writes viral Facebook post after being ridiculed for her stretch marks
She decided to turn her humiliation into a message of empowerment for other women.
# must love dogs
Abused dog's new owner writes touching open letter to person who hurt her
Cathy the pitbull had been underfed and burned with cigarettes by a previous owner. For shame.
# Open letter
Dylan Farrow describes alleged sexual abuse by Woody Allen
The adoptive daughter of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow has written publicly about the abuse allegations for the first time.
# chief of sass
Small-town police chief schools Kanye West in this viral letter
Kanye said being a rapper was as dangerous as being a policeman. Chief Oliver did not agree.
# Sinead O'Connor
Sinéad O'Connor writes fourth open letter to Miley Cyrus
Read it here…
# Sinead O'Connor
Sinéad O'Connor to appear on tonight's Late Late Show to discuss Miley Cyrus row
The Irish singer has threatened the young star with legal action over a war of words.
Lisa McInerney: It’s patronising to say Miley Cyrus is being exploited by evil executives
Sinead O’Connor has written to Miley Cyrus expressing concern that she is being manipulated – but Cyrus is an industry veteran with who understands very well what she’s doing, writes Lisa McInerney.
# dear miley
Sinead O'Connor writes amazing open letter to Miley Cyrus
“Your body is for you and your boyfriend, not every greedy record company executive.”
# Spine Tingling
Check out this superb open letter to the Mayo team from a supporter
Willie McHugh’s brilliant and evocative piece first appeared in the Mayo News this week.
# Resignation
Gone: MEP Nessa Childers resigns from Labour
Childers had already resigned from the parliamentary party in April but is now going to run as an independent.
# Fallout
David Walsh writes open letter to Oprah that includes questions for Lance Armstrong
Earlier today on Twitter, the journalist indicated Oprah’s producer had spoken to him about the show
Read Me: An open letter to my own depression
Garry Williams, who has suffered from depression for years, addresses his illness directly.
# Undecided
McIlroy insists he's made no Olympic decision in open letter
The 23-year-old says he’s still unsure whether he will represent Ireland or Great Britain in Brazil despite speculation today.
In full: John Henry's open letter to Liverpool FC fans
“We are not just looking at the next 16 weeks until we can buy again: we are looking at the next 16 years and beyond.”
# capital decision
Pocock pens open letter to Western Force fans as he signs for Brumbies
The Australian captain took to Facebook to explain the reasons for his move to the Canberra franchise.
# Arsenal
Gunners chairman Peter Hill-Wood hits back at Usmanov
The man who sold his shares to majority owner Stan Kroenke says the club, not money, is his only concern.
# Class Act
Here's the open letter that Mikel Arteta wrote thanking Liverpool's players and supporters
The Arsenal midfielder was stretched off the pitch following an accidental collision with Jordan Henderson on Saturday.
# Health
Teenager ‘begs’ for help in open letter to Health Minister
After years of struggling with depression and anxiety, 17-year-old Cíara Molloy has told Minister O’Reilly that “psychiatric care for teenagers in this country is a disgrace”.