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Paul Rudd was basically stalked by the whole of Ireland

He’s probably relieved to have gone home.
Mar 11th 2014, 12:46 PM 7,297 2

PAUL RUDD WAS in Bunratty, Co Clare on Sunday night at the conclusion of a week-long stag tour of Ireland.

And he was stalked like a hunted animal.

First he was spotted in Durty Nelly’s having dinner in the Oyster Restaurant:

Source: Facebook

And Twitter tracked him around the West like a pack of frenzied e-hounds.

He was staying in the Bunratty Castle Hotel, who posted this Facebook photo of Rudd wearing a hunted expression:

Source: Facebook

And he also visited the Shannon Knights club in Shannon. How do we know? Because people were so annoyed that they DIDN’T post a photo.

All in all, Ireland turned into a bit of a Paul Rudd stalker.

Paul Rudd now appears to have fled back to the US, where he only has to deal with the paparazzi.

Godspeed Paul! Come back and visit us soon!

Source: Hotnewsgator

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