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# Pay Gap

This year
Harvard University professor Claudia Goldin awarded Nobel economics prize for pay gap research
The ‘groundbreaking’ research revealed the main sources to the gender pay gap and provided a historic account of women’s earnings.
Last year
RTÉ reports median gender pay gap of 13.5% among its staff
There is a legal obligation on companies with 250 or more employees to publish the data.
All time
Education minister pleads with school secretaries to cancel planned industrial action tomorrow
Rallies have been organised at a number of locations including at Leinster House and at the minister’s Donegal constituency offices.
Poll: Do CEOs earn too much money?
A new report by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions has found rising levels of CEO pay.
'We can't accept this as being the norm': USI President Síona Cahill on why she's calling for mass walkouts today
Activists are calling for mass walkouts to mark International Women’s Day today.
Japan's players paid less than €16 a day for international duty, says coach Jamie Joseph
The 2019 World Cup hosts face England in Twickenham on Saturday.
Michelle Williams says she renegotiated her pay gap with Mark Wahlberg for her daughter
The actor was at the centre of a scandal earlier this year.
Haim fired their agent after they were paid ten times less than a male artist
Seriously; ten times less.
UK companies could have to reveal pay gaps between employees and their bosses
Following public outcry UK firms will have to reveal boss-staff pay gaps under draft law for 2019
UK female MPs launch #PayMeToo campaign over gender pay gap
All companies in the UK with over 250 employees will soon have to publish their stats on gender pay differences.
BBC seeks to achieve 50:50 split in male and female contributors by next year
A report on the broadcaster’s progress will be produced in a year’s time.
More women than men are in full-time work after graduating - but they earn less over time
The CSO and HEA released the report that monitored graduates from 2010 to 2014.
Five male BBC presenters agree to pay cut over equal pay revelations
The BBC published a list of its top-earners in July 2017, showing significant pay gaps between men and women.
An E! presenter has quit after discovering her male co-host made close to double her salary
“How can I accept an offer that shows they do not value my contributions all those years?”
Sunday Times 'deeply sorry' for publishing controversial Kevin Myers column
An apology printed today said the article “included unacceptable comments that caused offence to many”.
Female BBC journalists write open letter to boss saying he 'can do better' on gender pay-gap
Last week it was revealed that there is a massive discrepancy between the pay of male and female journalists at the British state broadcaster.
Polish MEP: 'Women must earn less than men because they're weaker, smaller and less intelligent'
The 74-year-old has received widespread criticism for his comments.
German workers will be able to see how much their co-workers' earn in bid to close gender pay gap
Women’s Affairs Minister Manuela Schwesig hailed the law on salary transparency as “a real breakthrough”.
Irish firms may be forced to reveal pay gaps between male and female employees
It’s part of a commitment in the programme for government to fight wage inequality.
You need to read J-Law's very personal essay about earning less than men
“This might have NOTHING to do with my vagina…”
People are loving this woman's killer feminist yearbook quote
Public or private sector workers - who actually came out worse in the recession?
New figures shine a light on the pay gap after the swingeing cuts of 2010.
One Pennsylvania shop charges women less than men for goods – here's why
Our idea was simple: each item would have two price tags, one for men and one for women.
Pay gap between men and women has increased during the recession
Figures from trade union Unite also found that almost 600,000 women live in deprivation or at risk of poverty.
Gender pay gap in Ireland still 'unacceptably' wide
A report that was discussed in the European Parliament today found that 38 per cent of Europeans rank the pay gap as the most important inequality.
Aaron McKenna: Gender pay gap is a major problem… for all of us
And the solution is far more complex than equal-pay legislation – it goes to the roots of our social system.
Aaron McKenna: Large pay packets aren’t an injustice – they’re a reward
Controversy over generous pension arrangements for executives means we risk throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
Men get paid 21% more than women in the private sector
The gender gap is 8 per cent higher in the private sector than the public sector.
Column: Women are still blatantly discriminated against in the office
All the figures show that women are paid and promoted less than their male colleagues. It’s time we took action, writes Mary Mitchell O’Connor.
Gender pay gap got wider during downturn - official report
New data from the Central Statistics Office show that the gap between pay for men and women widened in 2009.