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# Peace

Last year
Sinn Féin TD apologises for 'hurried' comments on Ukraine which she says were 'misinterpreted'
Video: Two women held as Hamas hostages are handed over to Red Cross
Leo Varadkar in Northern Ireland as €1 billion worth of peace funding announced
Dr Edward Burke: 'We may cherish our neutrality but we cannot ignore the changing world'
Dr Edward Burke
Jenny Maguire: There is violence in poverty, discrimination and systems that don’t work
Jenny Maguire
25 years on, leading Republican and Loyalist agree North is still waiting for 'peace dividend'
China urge peace talks between Ukraine and Russia with end of nuclear weapon threats
All time
'Time to move on' from Sabina Higgins letter controversy, says Taoiseach
Former UUP leader and Nobel peace prize recipient David Trimble has died aged 77
Polish president offers full support for Ukraine EU bid
Man United players plead for peace in Ukraine
'No war please': Russian star into final with peace plea
World powers vow to prevent spread of nuclear weapons
Northern Ireland peace fund chief warns of growing alienation and further violence after Brexit
Biden challenge to Johnson over Northern Ireland Brexit dispute welcomed by Taoiseach
'Solutions are possible, but we are lacking political will': Is there any hope that Israel and Palestine could reach a peace agreement?
Ceasefire called in Gaza after fresh violence sees 8 members of same family killed in air strike
Opinion: My Sri Lankan relatives had a lucky escape from the bombings - I'm struggling to keep my hopes for peace alive
Dil Wickremasinghe
Pride and sacrifice: Marking 60 years of Irish participation in peacekeeping missions
Bill Clinton warns political stalemate could result in the North going 'back into the hell of the Troubles'
'There is important work to be done': Clinton says politicians should commit to spirit of Good Friday Agreement
Coveney to meet Benjamin Netanyahu for first time since objection to Jerusalem as Israeli capital
Syrian rebels and opposition reject Russia's peace talk plan
This 1979 news report about a solar eclipse had a poignant message for 2017
Tributes paid on the death of 'secret peacemaker' Brendan Duddy
UN Security Council endorses Syria ceasefire and plans for peace talks
'A gift from heaven' - Colombian President receives Nobel Peace Prize
Peace at last: Colombia ratifies deal with FARC rebels
Colombia's government will sign a new peace deal this week
Historic peace deal reached to put an end to world's longest-running war
The (actual) walls dividing the North's Catholics and Protestants are coming down
The longest-running war in the world comes to an end today
Woman who held 35-year protest outside White House dies
Denis O'Brien's Digicel is taking on Google, Facebook, and Yahoo
Just eight days of military spending could make education free around the world
Open letter to Ban Ki-Moon: 'Ireland’s commitments to human rights are being weakened '
Michael O’Flaherty
Swedes have a novel way of deterring Russian submarines - calling them gay
This is how you can block calls on your smartphone
It's high time for neutrality to be enshrined in the Constitution – don't let the government backtrack
Roger Cole
Why the peace deal between Ukraine and Russia today is so important