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11 surprising celebs you should follow on Snapchat

Where you lead, I will follow.
Sep 12th 2015, 2:40 PM 14,653 0

Jared Leto: jaredleto


Snapchat turns your phone into a tiny version of Microsoft Paint, and nobody knows this better than Jared Leto. You can keep up with his artistic exploits and his ever-changing hair colour (he’s recently gone from Suicide Squad green to a fetching pink).


Lou Teasdale: louteasdale

Okay, she’s not technically a celebrity (unless you’re very au fait with the One Direction world) but Lou Teasdale does have almost unlimited access to Harry and the lads because she’s their hairdresser and a make up artist.


She’s also best mates with Caroline Flack and Louis Tomlinson’s sister Lottie, so they’re likely to crop up too.

Recent snaps include Harry and Niall playing ping pong backstage, and her comprehensive make up demonstrations.


The volume of Snapping is the surprising thing here. Run mostly by her assistant, Rihanna‘s Snap story is almost always full of a blow by blow account of what she’s up to.


GiGi Hadid: DoubleGiForce

GiGi Hadid is a supermodel, pal to Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift, sister to fellow supermodel Bella Hadid, girlfriend to a Jonas brother, ex girlfriend to Cody Simpson. What more could you want?

You should probably follow Cody too actually. He’s at: aussiemuso


Calvin Harris: calvinharris

Let’s not pretend that we’re just following him in case he puts up some snaps of Taylor Swift and her clatter of famous friends. To be fair though, Calvin Harris’ Snapchat feed is pretty entertaining.

Recent additions to his Snap Story include this conundrum:


And himself with a horse:


Ryan Seacrest: ryanseacrest

Following the squeaky clean TV host might not be your idea of a whale of a time but Ryan Seacreast is one of the most prolific celeb Snapchatters.


ryan2 Source: via The Wrap

Arnold Schwarzenegger: arnoldschnitzel

Arnie‘s Snapchat selfies are to die for. Whoever is in charge of this man’s social media strategy needs a raise.



James Kavanagh: jameskava

Ireland’s very own Snapchat celeb, James Kavanagh’s Snap Story is a daily dose of entertainment. Whether it’s him giving people bad frights, raving in the kitchen, ordering people to ‘present themselves’ or just giving his thoughts on what the ‘plebs’ are up to today.


Taco Bell: tacobell

Okay so not technically celebrities but the fast food joint Taco Bell sure does know its way around social media, including Snapchat.

It also got its hands on some of the new iPhone emojis early:

taco dailyedge




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