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17 epic cake fails that would come last in a Bake Off

So. Much. FAIL.
Aug 5th 2015, 9:30 PM 19,434 3

WITH THE RETURN of the Great British Bake Off, don’t feel inferior.

These people haven’t got a notion how to bake cakes either.

Warning, some of these are actually terrifying.

1. This minion, who needs to be put out of his misery

minion-cake-nailed-it-fb Source: Smosh

2. This idyllic princess castle

Think of the poor child.

CLpPdf-WsAA6eC0 Source: JoanneLambVO

CLpJrYrWoAAcLi3 Source: Joanne Lamb

3. This Hedgehog who looks like it’s melted

Did they HAVE to add the teeth?

CLozD1JWgAAp_zu Source: varrallini

4. This classic lack of logic

5. The Hulk FAIL

What model were they following, exactly?

Funny-hulk-birthday-cake-fail-600x606 Source: Jokideo

6. Poor attempt at covering up what is a blatant penis

7. This little lamb that wanted nothing more than to be pretty

vcknZ2R Source: Imgur

“End meeeeee”.

8. Hello Kitty, more like Goodbye Nice Thoughts

Hello kitty cake fail Source: nicetrydiys

9. C’mon you’re not even TRYING

ariel-little-mermaid-cake-design-fail-article Source: Themailworks

10. The cookie monster becomes… the monster

Cookie monster cake fail Source: nicetrydiys

11. Why are they SO ANGRY AT ME MAMMY

Cinderella-and-Belle-for-Nailed-It-Princess-Cake-Fails Source: Freshhealthyeats

12. Spidey diedy

@butterflyhan @butterflyhan @butterflyhan #diyfails #pinterestfail #nicetrydiys Source: nicetrydiys

13. Oh, so close

Leprachaun hat cake fail! @anneloconte @anneloconte @anneloconte #DIYfail #pinterestfail #nicetrydiys Source: nicetrydiys


14. “We’ve failed, so let’s feck all the pieces on to a tray”

Candy train fail Source: nicetrydiys


15. Buzz Lightyear in the absolute horrors

hilarious-pinterest-fails-13 Source: Justsomething

16. Again, they completely phoned this one in

Source: nicetrydiys

17. Is this Tinkerbell or a demon from your nightmares?

Tinker-hell. #cakefail happy birthday Julian!! Source: pvparadiso

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