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This quote about 'the perfect relationship' is insanely popular online, and it's rubbish

Really, humanity?
Nov 5th 2014, 9:23 AM 9,935 6

HAVE YOU SEEN this before?

Source: Tumblr

It’s a description of ‘the perfect relationship’, which is extremely popular online. Some samples:

His hobbies are video games.Her hobbies are reading and facebook.

What do they do together?

Eat together at restaurants that have a cool atmosphere. Go mini-golfing. [...]Have cute arguments like who’s turn it is to the dishes or what answers don’t count in Scattergories.

And they are:

A 2-person gang that nobody else is allowed to join. It’s them vs. everyone else.

The meme – in text or image form – is being shared across a number of social networks. You can find it all over Tumblr, on Pinterest, on Facebook and on Twitter. 

In fact, you can even buy t-shirts with it printed down the front.


The text first appeared – according to Google – in April 2012 on, the same site that makes the t-shirts. Since then, it’s managed the impressive feat of staying viral for more than two years.

However, it’s not universally popular. On Twitter this morning, Daily Mirror journalist Sophie Gadd has taken to pointing out… some flaws in it.

So, yeah. What do you think of it?

Poll Results:

Are you kidding me? This sounds like hell (709)
Don't care, I just love restaurants that have a cool atmosphere (367)
Sounds alright actually (351)

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