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8 things women need men to know about their period

Warning! Mentions blood! Filthy blood!
Apr 16th 2015, 2:54 PM 41,943 22

1. Let’s start with a Simpsons reference


2. We need you to understand that it can be a turbulent time

b0XO4iB Source: Imgur

3. And an uncomfortable time

How I feel when I'm on my period. Source: Imgur

4. The product names are just…

Tweet by @amy o'connor Source: amy o'connor/Twitter

Can we not just call it ‘Always Super Efficient Blood Absorber’ and leave it at that?


5. Sneezing/coughing/laughing on your period is like…


6. Period does not always mean no sex

And it’s not “disgusting”? Each to their own.

Just listen to Louis CK:

VjZf3 Source: Imgur

7. Going to bed can be a stressful time

8. So can going to the bathroom

Especially if it comes in the middle of the night…

Walking from the bedroom to the bathroom when your period comes overnight Source: Imgur

Or when this happens:

per Source: imgur

Any more for any more? Share them in the comments section…

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