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Can girls' periods really sync over a Whatsapp group?


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PERIOD SYNCING IS something most women have experienced, marvelled over, and taken as a sign of true friendship.

But in this technologically advanced society, women are experiencing menstrual synchrony in new and exciting ways: over Twitter and Whatsapp.

It seems crazy, but women syncing up over long distances is not uncommon. Just look at all the women tweeting to that effect:

According to HelloFlo.com, the psychologist Martha McClintock studied the phenomenon of menstrual syncing in 1971.

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McClintock found that women living in close quarters unconsciously influenced each others’ cycles through the release of pheromones in their sweat and other bodily fluids.

But how does that explain girls syncing up despite being thousands of miles apart? Well, there’s this:

[McClintock] also pointed out that menstruation is ‘socially regulated’, in that women who were merely living together did not sync up as much as women who were close friends and had social and emotional attachments.

However, scientists are still thoroughly divided on it – some say it doesn’t make sense evolution-wise, and no one has been able to replicate the results of McClintock’s 1971 study.

So it is probably a coincidence… (Or all women are secretly witches. Let’s go with that angle.)

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