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Personalised Nutella jars are causing a freakout because people can't get them

Do you know anyone travelling to London? CAN YOU HELP?

EARLIER THIS YEAR, UK department store Selfridges announced that they would begin selling personalised Nutella jars in their stores. Nutella jars with your name on them.

Source: Selfridges

People were, um, pretty excited about the idea.

But here’s the thing. Selfridges stopped selling the personalised Nutella online six days ago, and now it’s only available in their London, Manchester and Birmingham stores.

This caused mild panic.

And that was before people realised that they had to actually visit one of those cities to get a jar.

People were literally contacting their relatives to get them a jar.

Although not all relatives were accommodating.

Some resorted to begging on Twitter.

And everyone who HAS got one was just really, really smug about it.

Finally, the phenomenon has also given rise to the ultimate #firstworldproblem.

So look, let’s all just focus on the important things.

Source: Fanpop

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