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19 pets who just want your unbridled attention

Just drop everything and focus on us.
May 30th 2014, 9:30 PM 115,786 24

PETS ALWAYS WANT to be the centre of attention. Sometimes you’re better off just letting them have it.

1. Sure, that stuffed dino is cute. But I’m cuter

PxdaOgo Source: Imgur

2. You want a beer? How about PLAY WITH ME?

8CvUZbO Source: Imgur

3. Can I just… excuse me… hello, h-hello

6vVhSbI Source: Imgur

4. You said I was the only cat for you :(

other-cats Source: Veryhilarious

5. Hi. I’m here too. Hey

animal-photobombs-9 Source: Animal Photobombs

6. Nimnim AWWW


7. She rollin’, I hatin’

yqsnTLv Source: Imgur

8. Oh no, now I’m stuck in a hanger. Drop everything and help me

x2pi3 Source: Imgur

9. Hello. Excuse me. One kiss please

5gsVslC Source: Imgur

10. Sorry to bother you, but…

AU8hP44 Source: Imgur

12. See? You don’t need ‘the gals’, you have ME!

tumblr_mhc8kkpjD51qmf9gqo1_500 Source: Tumblr

13. Your hygiene needs aren’t important right now

68ed809a6857666cb9d94ab280874703f9f7e156f86d1749b9469c4f02523731 Source: Quickmeme

14. Seriously, feed me

Funniest_Memes_you-forgot-to-tell-me-you-re-in-the-bathroom_8548 Source: Funniestmemes

15. OH HAAAAI. More about me now, dahling

animal-photobombs-37 Source: Justsomething

16. You said I was your only baby :o

tumblr_mob1ga0wJb1rugv7po1_400 Source: Tumblr


tumblr_mk2xyi21Xf1rugv7po1_500 Source: Tumblr

18. I can run too


19. AND eat broccoli. MINE


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