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Miami and Phoenix back on track with blowout wins
The top seeds moved to within one win of the NBA conference finals on Tuesday.
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Luka Doncic heroics not enough as Mavericks beaten in playoffs
Deandre Ayton scored 25 points for top seeds Phoenix.
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Derailed train causes huge fire and bridge collapse in Arizona
The incident occurred in Phoenix.
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Trump uses derogatory 'kung flu' term, and still refuses to wear mask, at latest rally
In Phoenix, Trump hailed “patriotic young Americans who stand up tall for America and refuse to kneel to the radical left”.
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'Get out of the f*****g car' - US family face police guns after toddler allegedly takes doll from shop
The mayor of the city of Phoenix has issued an apology to the family
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Nurse charged with rape after US woman in coma for over a decade gives birth
The 29-year-old woman, who has been in long-term care since the age of 3, gave birth to a baby boy in December.
# Sexual Assault
DNA samples of male staff taken after woman in coma for over a decade gives birth in US hospital
Police in Arizona have begun a sexual assault probe following the birth in late December.
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Police investigation launched in Arizona after reports woman in coma for 10 years gave birth
The birth was reported by a local Phoenix news organisation.
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'The Phoenix article reporting Limerick are facing a winding up order makes for dark reading'
As someone who spent 18 months working at the club, John O’Sullivan is saddened by their recent problems.
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Final farewells to John McCain as former US senator lies in state
A private ceremony will be held this morning at the Arizona State Capitol Museum rotunda, where McCain will lie in state.
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US hospital tried to speak to the Children's Hospital Group before launch of abandoned Phoenix name
Last month Health Minister Simon Harris confirmed the name Phoenix Children’s Health would not be used on foot of a threatened legal action from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona.
# Your Say
Poll: Should we change the name of the children's hospital due to legal threats?
An Arizona hospital has the same name.
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94-year-old Arizona woman frees herself from attempted kidnap after seven hours locked in boot of car
The elderly woman was locked in the boot of her own car by a man, who then drove the car to a nearby shopping complex and parked it there.
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'A bizarre choice': Labour says the new children's hospital shouldn't be called Phoenix
Leader Brendan Howlin said the word had “no linkage to Irish history or culture”.
# phoenix hospital
Not everyone's happy with the name for the children's hospital
It’s going to be called the Phoenix Children’s Health.
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Protesters clash in Phoenix as Trump defends his response to Charlottesville violence
Trump made his comments during a rally in Phoenix, Arizona.
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85-year-old who boasted of being 'America's toughest sheriff' found guilty of federal crime
The high profile Joe Arpaio cultivated in the media came back to haunt him.
# Global Warming
Rising temperatures will make it harder for planes to take off in coming decades
Some fully loaded planes may have to remove fuel, cargo or passengers, a study has warned.
# 49 degrees
It's so hot in Phoenix, planes aren't allowed fly
It’s too hot for some craft to operate.
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Arizona police think they've caught the mystery 'Serial Street Shooter'
Former bus driver Aaron Juan Saucedo has been linked to nine shootings
# phoenix
A serial killer has killed seven people in this American neighbourhood since March
The people were all killed by a thin man with a handgun.
# bye harry
People think this photo looks like Harry the gorilla kissing goodbye to Dublin Zoo
# Lucky Escape
American woman, 72, survives desert after writing 'Help' with sticks and rocks
She survived by drinking pond water and eating plants.
# Arizona
Three children and their parents die after car crashes into lake
The children were all under three years of age.
# Arizona
Someone keeps shooting at cars on this American highway and motorists are terrified
The Arizona highway has been the scene of 11 confirmed shootings over the last two weeks.
# Child Death
Toddler died after dad got drunk and left him in car
Detectives found signs the child had struggled to get out of the vehicle before dying.
# Breaking
One dead and five wounded in shooting attacks in US suburb
The suspect – a bald, white man in his 40s – is still at large.
# left behind
Mother's plea to thieves who stole her baby boy's ashes but left the box storing them
The ashes in a sealed bag were gone.
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Did you spot the Cavan jersey at last night's Super Bowl?
That cow’s near…
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Weatherman deals admirably with graphics cock up
“Get out while you still can”.
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Planning a last-minute Super Bowl trip? Check out these awesome Airbnb rentals in Phoenix
Planning a trip to the biggest US sporting event of the year? No? … Like looking at pictures of fancy and/or unusual houses? Well, read on, then…
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WATCH: 'Monsoon' flood rips through Arizona desert region
“How could the desert flood?” Here’s how…
Lebron and 'Melo could both be playing for Phoenix next season
Reports suggest that the Suns’ state-of-the-art medical processes might tempt the ageing stars with the promise of a prolonged career.
# Shooting
Catholic priest, 28, shot dead in Arizona church
Fr Kenneth Walker was shot during an intrusion at the church.
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65-year-old woman told to stop cartwheeling at public meetings
She just wants to tumble!
# soar again
Flappy Bird is making a return, but as a 'less addictive' multiplayer game
The game’s creator Dong Nguyen said it would be making a return in August and will be less addictive than the previous version.
# sparks fly
Did you switch your energy provider last year? More than 300,000 did
Consumers shied away from major electricity suppliers.
# uplifting
Passengers stuck on overheated plane take dramatic action
Using the power of song.
# Solar Power
How this plane is travelling across America without any fuel
Powered entirely by the sun, the plane can fly by day or night but it will never be able to carry passengers.
# Fox News
Fox News shows live footage of man shooting himself
The presenter then issued an apology, stating that the broadcaster “really messed up”.