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# Picky Eaters

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# Picky Eaters
3 sneaky veg dinners that are perfect for picky eaters
From a hearty bolognese to a chilli con carne.
# Picky Eaters
How Picky Are You When It Comes To Food?
Do you infuriate everyone who has to dine with you?
# slawful
9 nightmares for people with *feelings* about coleslaw
The actual devil. Even the word ‘coleslaw’ is disgusting.
# no beans
How Much of a Picky Eater Are You?
We can tell you.
# raisin hell
11 upsetting sights for people with FEELINGS about raisins
The sneakiest food there is.
# i ate spinach
14 tweets that will make every picky eater say 'yep, that's me'
*texts Mam* “I ATE A CARROT!”
# i said no onions
11 upsetting sights for people who have FEELINGS about onions
The most insidious foodstuff of all.
# no sauce please
14 essential facts of life for Irish people who are picky eaters
“Ah sure just have a bit.”
# No thanks
How Much Of A Picky Eater Are You?
It’s time to ‘fess up.
# spud dinners
11 things every kid dreaded about eating another Irish mammy's dinner
The dinner smell. THE DINNER SMELL.
# bean juice
8 foods it's perfectly acceptable to be picky about
Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be eating.
# bean juice
8 things picky eaters are 100% right about
Don’t fight us on these.
# Picky Eaters
Restaurant owner goes on rant about picky customers
This lot “don’t” believe in organic food.
# Tasteless
Are you a picky eater? Then you'll understand these problems
We’re not that fussy, honest. We just hate lettuce, tomato, onions, butter, mayonnaise, flaky fish…
# Fussy Eaters
Picky eating: farce or phobia?
Scientists are investigating whether being a “picky eater” is actually a eating disorder.