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# pingcredible
Untangle that table tennis net, because this 25-shot rally will make you want to play right now
Table tennis, bloody hell!
# lucky strike
Behold the luckiest table tennis shot of all time
There’s a fine line between genius and being incredibly fluky.
# ping pong
Oh nothing, just a cat playing ping pong with its human
And it’s pretty serious about it.
# ping pong
This imaginary underground ping pong battle is a minute of pure joy
It’s a talent.
# Match point
Sulking kid pushes table tennis referee off his chair
Down with this sort of thing.
# Mad Man
A pro table tennis player cost himself $45,000 for a ridiculous celebration
Zhang Jike went full Ketsbaia after winning in Düsseldorf.
# that's entertainment
Watch an outrageous 41-shot table tennis rally from the Commonwealth Games
‘The best rally of the tournament, by a distance,’ claimed BBC’s commentator.
# ping pong diplomacy
Barack Obama played ping-pong. The internet responded with an awesome Photoshop battle.
He’s so versatile!
# Inspiring
Table-tennis player with no arms takes on the world number two
Ibrahim Hamato lost his arms in an accident.
# Masters table
VINE: Masters leader Bubba Watson playing ping pong with his driver
That’s some good hand-eye co-ordination.
# Down Day
RVP takes on Rio Ferdinand in a no-look table tennis match
This is how the United lads are spending their time off in Sydney.
# Tekkers
Professional table tennis player baffles opponent with this sick behind-the-back shot
Try this one down the youth club.
# that's science
VIDEO: Here's what happens when you serve a ping pong ball at 900mph
Hint: it’s not returnable.
# ping pong
The 10 most spectacular table tennis shots of the year in 1 epic video
We could do that, right?
# finish him
VIDEO: Lonely boy plays cat at tabletennis... and loses
The ultimate humiliation.
# balls in mouth
Guy juggles 7 ping pong balls with his mouth
OBVIOUSLY with a video…
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Weird Wide Web: the week in online oddities
The internet’s best offerings in social media, tech, science and weird news.
Column: Cardinal Rules – On defending Morrissey
This week, the (not) Primate of All Ireland has to play peacekeeper in the terrible row over Morrissey: “an undisputed genius” or “a big mountain of stupid”?