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This guy went travelling with a pink flamingo bag, all to cheer up a stranger's girlfriend

Good guy stranger.
Nov 3rd 2015, 8:49 AM 3,833 1

SOMETIMES, SOMETHING HAPPENS on the internet and you think, maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

#EXCLUSIVE! Source: skinnydiplondon

This is one of those seldom times.

A Redditor in the States posted about a pink flamingo handbag that his girlfriend was obsessed with, but is only available to buy in Topshop in London.


The Skinnydip handbag, kenziespeights explained, was all his girlfriend wanted.

My girlfriend has been in a really rough place lately and being able to surprise her with something she thinks is absolutely impossible to get would put the biggest smile on her face.

Shortly after the post, an American in London said he was willing to help the man out, all for love of course.

He worked on Oxford Street and was planning to go home to the States in a few days, so began documenting every step of the way.

Freshly purchased

LyEwrfa Source: Imgur

It became a beautiful friendship, complete with a house party

MXwbobz Source: Imgur

Some sightseeing before they left, of course

epN3LBF Source: Imgur

PQH1d3V Source: Imgur

A quick journey to the airport

LDCwOZP Source: Imgur

Some people have become quite attached.

What is wrong with me? I am actually sad to the little pink freak leaving.

Before some pre-flight snacks

o7LwvRy Source: Imgur

I1q2TGe Source: Imgur

The lucky thing even got to go to New York

F2oDaY0 Source: Imgur

Before they said their goodbyes

DQl0Uqu Source: Imgur

What a guy.

The bag hasn’t reached its destination, but we’re sure this lucky girl will be cheered right up.

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