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# Piracy

This year
'Dodgy box' providers warned that authorities are clamping down on illegal streaming services
The services provide access to premium TV content such as Premier League matches.
All time
Qatar-based TV partner calls on Premier League to block Saudi takeover of Newcastle United
Yousef Al-Obaidly, the chief executive of beIN Sports, has written to the chairmen of Premier League clubs.
Three popular illegal streaming sites have been blocked by Irish courts
Irish internet providers will now have to block, and
The EU is continuing its war with Somali pirates
That is despite attacks essentially stopping in recent years.
Megaupload mogul Kim Dotcom wants to live-stream his fight against the United States
Dotcom faces extradition from New Zealand.
Netflix doesn't believe its unblocker crackdown will cause users to leave
Its CEO says “there’s probably so few of them” who will turn to piracy because of its decision to crackdown on VPNs.
Top 10 list for pirated movies shows big increase in downloads for 2015
Big budget blockbusters stayed true to form by topping the pile.
Software pirate ordered to make a viral video to avoid paying a major fine
The Czech Republic courts said it won’t force the man to pay around €350,000 in damages if his anti-piracy video gets 200,000 views on YouTube.
The US claims this man cost the TV and film industry more than $500m
Authorities say Megaupload netted more than $175 million in criminal proceeds.
Piracy sites are banning Windows 10 users because they're worried about privacy
They claim that Microsoft is sending back identifying information about their sites when Windows 10 users visit.
Leaked Game of Thrones episodes downloaded one million times already
That was quick…
Australia has just set a major precedent against online piracy, but could the same happen here?
Internet Service Providers are to be made hand over the identities of almost 5,000 people who illegally shared one movie.
Cut the music: Police bust illegal karaoke website
They were hosting a large number of copyrighted files.
Norwegian people aren't pirating music any more - here's why
The answer is pretty simple, it seems.
Google was asked to remove 345 million 'pirate' links in 2014
The number of requests increased by 75% compared to 2013.
The Walking Dead was trending in Ireland this morning, thanks to piracy
Several of you stayed up until the wee hours to watch the show.
Remember Megavideo? Its founder is offering €3.7mn for dirt on the US Government
Kim Dotcom is being prosecuted by US authorities for piracy but is fighting extradition from New Zealand.
Android pirates plead guilty in first counterfeit apps case
More than one million counterfeit apps were sold by US site, which were worth more than €500,000.
Ban on Pirate Bay lifted by Dutch court
Access to Pirate Bay is still blocked to the majority of Irish internet users.
Google Glass moviegoer detained by US Homeland Security over piracy fears
The man, who was detained for over an hour, was accused of recording a cinema screening of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.
Clampdown on Somali pirates leads to 40 per cent drop in incidents worldwide
15 incidents were attributed to Somali pirates last year — down from 237 in 2011.
Somali piracy is down 90 per cent from last year
New security measures take effect – but there are still “suspicious approaches” to ships.
Russia switches Greenpeace activists' charges from piracy to 'hooliganism'
The new charge – used against the members of Pussy Riot – carries a maximum sentence of seven years in a penal colony.
Greenpeace activists could face 15 years in Russian prison for piracy
The 30 activists from 18 countries have been detained since they scaled an oil platform in the Arctic last week.
Game of Thrones makers think illegal downloading is "better than an Emmy"
Land of torrents and files.
Bruton insists 'Pirate Bay' ruling will not mean bans on legal content
The enterprise minister says the rights of legal internet users are taken into account before any website can be blocked.
High Court orders six Irish internet providers to block The Pirate Bay
UPC, Imagine, Digiweb, Vodafone, Three and O2 have been given 30 days to block users’ access to the piracy website.
Record labels file suit against Irish ISPs
This could be the first suit using the country’s controversial ‘Irish SOPA’ legislation.
Japan introduces new illegal downloading laws with prison terms
Those convicted of illegal downloading could face two years in jail, or fines of about €20,000.
First person jailed in UK for linking to pirated copies of TV shows and films
The site was once among the top 500 websites visited globally.
Piracy case against megaupload founder is a threat to internet innovation, says Apple's Wozniak
“It’s just kind of ridiculous what they did to his life”: Apple co-founder supports Kim Dotcom.
EU carries out air strikes on Somali pirates
Attack helicopters took part in the attacks early this morning along the coastline of Somalia.
EU digital affairs chief admits controversial ACTA treaty likely to fail
Digital Agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes says we’re likely “to be in a world without SOPA and without ACTA”.
EU agrees on referral of ACTA to European Court of Justice
Commissioners yesterday agreed the terms of a legal submission asking the court to rule on whether the treaty is legal.
European Court of Justice asked to rule on legality of ACTA treaty
The EU’s trade commissioner Karel De Gucht wants to see whether the anti-counterfeiting rules are in breach of EU freedoms.
Cork teenager organises protest against ACTA
‘The February March’ against the controversial international anti-counterfeiting agreement will take place later today.
Bulgarian minister pushes for delay on ACTA ratification
Bulgaria may join the growing list of EU countries delaying their ratification of the controversial ACTA legislation…
EMI Vice President comes out against SOPA and ACTA
The VP of EMI’s Urban Promotions says that the best way to tackle piracy is not to introduce bills like ACTA or SOPA – but to simply provide better service.
Column: A response to Sean Sherlock's Drivetime interview on #SOPAIreland
Paul Quigley, founder of news story-tracking website Newswhip, analyses the arguments made by the junior minister yesterday in favour of a new online copyright law.