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This year
Three critically endangered red panda cubs born at Fota Wildlife Park in Cork
The park’s new arrivals bring continued hope for the species, which is under threat due to human interference,
All time
Leinster's 'poach group' battling for turnover points as Cardiff Blues visit RDS
Hooker James Tracy is hoping to help Leinster towards their seventh win of the season.
British soldier sent to Malawi on anti-poaching mission killed in reported incident with elephant
The British army announced it would deploy soldiers to Malawi to tackle the growing issue of poaching
Poacher killed by elephant then eaten by lions in South Africa
Only the man’s skull and a pair of trousers were recovered.
Ireland up against Germany and Netherlands to win over UK-based TV channels after Brexit
Some of these companies have already met with the BAI here in the last year.
Leading ivory trade investigator murdered in Kenya
Esmond Martin, aged 75, died after being stabbed at his house in a Nairobi suburb.
Dublin Zoo confident in its security as European zoos take extra steps to protect rhinos
A rhino was shot dead and had its horns hacked off in a grisly poacher attack earlier this month.
Gardaí search for poachers after deer found shot and decapitated in Meath
One deer was found dead and another had to be put down.
The world's biggest ivory bonfire is happening right now
An estimated $100m worth of illegal ivory is being torched.
Poachers stopped with half a tonne of tortoises and snakes
No arrests were made as the truck’s driver fled after being pulled over.
The all-female poaching unit that's turning the tables and hunting the hunters
“If you see the poachers you tell them not to try, tell them we are here and it is they who are in danger.”
Dentist who shot Cecil didn't know the lion was a "known, local favourite"
Two men are due in court on poaching charges related to the lion’s death.
American dentist who 'paid $50,000 to kill a lion with a crossbow' wanted by police
The lion’s name is Cecil.
Are Renua poaching Young Fine Gaelers by promising to run them in elections?
A text reportedly from a Renua member was circulated this week.
An Irish-backed company is making rhino horns to stop poaching
They plan to use them to destroy the demand for poaching.
'You never know' - TV3 remain coy on Johhny Giles rumours
The pundit recently expressed his unhappiness with some of the treatment he received from RTÉ.
Ten arrested after wild panda bear killed and skinned
Police found two brothers had shot the animal in forest near Zhaotong, a poverty-stricken city in China’s Yunnan province.
How dogs are being used to save wild animals in Africa
They’re being used to track down poachers.
Poachers turned gamekeepers: Rwanda looks to hunters to save mountain gorillas
The poachers say hunting was the only way to make a living.
African elephants could quickly "be driven to extinction locally", warns conservation group
CITES says that the number of elephants killed in the past three years is “far exceeding” the number born.
Kenya's largest elephant has been killed by poachers
Distressing images. Satao was one last surviving of the ‘great tuskers’.
Video column: Is there a viable solution to ivory poaching?
There were approximately 10 million elephants in Africa at the turn of the 20th century. Today, thanks to widespread poaching, that number has dropped to 500,000.
South Africa: 50 per cent increase in rhinos poached in 2013
More than 1,000 rhinos were poached last year, showing that numbers of poached animals are increasing year on year.
British wildlife parks being targeted by rhino poachers
An anonymous tip-off has led to increased police patrols.