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# Police Shooting

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# anthony lowe
US cops fatally shoot double amputee fleeing from them
36-year-old Anthony Lowe abandoned his wheelchair as officers point their weapons at him after allegations he had stabbed someone.
# tyre nichols
US city of Memphis braces for release of police video showing beating of a black man who later died
Five police officers, all of whom are black, have been charged with the murder of Tyre Nichols.
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# Police Shooting
Chicago Police release footage of officer fatally shooting 13-year-old boy
Footage reveals 13-year-old Adam Toledo dropped a handgun and raised his empty hands.
# kenosha
'Nothing but pain': Jacob Blake speaks out for first time since Wisconsin police shooting
In a video from his hospital bed he said: “It hurts to breathe, it hurts to sleep, it hurts to move from side to side, it hurts to eat.”
# justine damond
US policeman who fatally shot woman who attempted to report possible rape found guilty of murder
The 40-year-old victim was shot after calling emergency services twice.
# Police Shooting
Philando Castile's family reaches $3m settlement over his death
The 32-year-old was several times by police officer Jeronimo Yanez in Minnesota.
# Jordan Edwards
Texas police officer to face charge of murdering black teen at party
Roy Oliver fired a rifle at a car full of teenagers leaving a party, fatally shooting Jordan Edwards who was a passenger in the vehicle.
# Louisiana
'Is race important?' US jury quizzed in trial of officers who fatally shot 6-year-old boy
Two police officers fired at Jeremy Mardis and his father during a traffic stop in November 2015.
# Iowa
Suspect in custody over fatal shooting of police officers in ambush attack in the US
The shootings took place early this morning.
# charlotte
Video shows woman pleading with Charlotte police not to shoot her husband
There have been protests in Charlotte since the shooting, with activists calling for police to release their own footage of the incident.
# Falcon Heights
Woman posts live Facebook video after her boyfriend is shot dead by police
The man had been pulled over for a traffic offence.
# Cleveland
Police officers sacked after firing 137 bullets in 20 seconds at unarmed pair
The head of the police union blamed the victims.
# Police Shooting
Police officer shot mother-of-three dead while attempting to shoot her dog
A board in Iowa will now sue to see the whole video.
# Gunned Down
Video shows LA police shooting an armed man dead as he crawled away
Police say the man had been firing a gun into the air.
# Louisiana
"This was not a threatening situation": Anger as police charged with killing boy (6)
The two officers are facing murder charges after a boy was shot to death in the front seat of his father’s car.
# Louisiana
Two officers arrested after six-year-old boy shot dead
“[The body camera footage] is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen.”
# Michigan
Family sues after 17-year-old stopped for flashing his lights is shot by police officer
The officer was cleared in a criminal case.
# walter scott
Family of black motorist shot by police in shocking video reaches pay settlement
A South Carolina patrolman is charged with the murder for Walter Scott.
# delaware
Investigation under way after US police shoot dead armed man in a wheelchair
Jeremy McDole’s family have called it an “execution”, but police say he was removing a gun from his waist.
# cold-blooded assassination
"We've heard black lives matter. All lives matter. Well, cops' lives matter, too."
Texas police say there’s a ‘dangerous rhetoric’ in America.
# Ferguson
White cop who shot black teen says he now only goes out "with like-minded individuals"
Darren Wilson was cleared by the US federal government.
# samuel dubose
WATCH: US cop charged with murder after 'senselessly' shooting black man in the head
“He should never have been a police officer,” says the prosecutor.
# ricardo diaz zeferino
WATCH: Unarmed man shot dead by police after taking his hat off
Police in California were forced to release the video, after keeping it hidden for two years.
# Police Shooting
'Terrorism suspect' lunged at police with a knife before they shot him dead
Usaama Rahim’s brother says he was shot in the back.
# freddie gray
Obama: "There are police departments that have to do some soul searching"
Several police officers were injured tonight.
# Police Shooting
Video shows police officer shooting man dead after mistaking his gun for his taser
The 73-year-old reserve who shot the man immediately apologises.
# playground shooting
Cleveland police defend shooting of 12-year-old carrying replica gun
Tamir Rice was shot twice, including once in the torso.
# Katrina
Five cops on trial over killings after Hurricane Katrina
The New Orleans police officers shot two people dead in the flooded city, then tried to cover up their actions, a court was told yesterday.