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14th July 2024 - 20th July 2024
Poll: Are you happy with Simon Harris' first 100 days as Taoiseach?
Can't keep up with the Fine Gael departures? Here's a round up of who is standing down
Last month
June 2024
Analysis: The NI Leaders’ Debate put focus on who was there rather than what was being said
Dr Clare Rice
Biden: 'I don't debate as well as I used to, but I know how to tell the truth'
The US President has taken aim at Donald Trump in his first remarks since his performance at last night’s presidential debate prompted concerns from within his party.
Gender-quotas ‘only part of solution’ to low levels of women and minorities at local government level
What will Eamon Ryan's legacy be?
The team least likely to win the Euros and the extreme politics they can't escape from
The Explainer: What is the shape of Irish politics after the local and European elections?
Elections 2024: General election polls are poor predictors of local elections – here’s why
Stefan Müller
This year
Support for Sinn Féin drops, narrowing lead on Fine Gael in pre-election polling
Opinion: Allowing prisoners to vote is a symbolic indication that they remain citizens
Dr Cormac Behan
Support for Fianna Fáil slumps to two-year low as Independents make gains
Here's What Happened Today: Saturday
Taoiseach Simon Harris receives seal of office from President Higgins
The nomination of Harris as Taoiseach passed a vote in the Dáil by 88 votes to 69.
Varadkar says political life was 'never' for partner Matt as he laughs off 'legacy' questions
Opposition leaders call for general election after Varadkar's sudden resignation
US lawmakers pass bill to ban TikTok nationwide if Chinese owners don't sell the app
'Not just another protest party': TD Michael Fitzmaurice joins Independent Ireland party
Nikki Haley's humiliation in Nevada the latest sign that Trump's path is clearer than ever
Workers across Northern Ireland public service sectors to take part in 'biggest ever strike'
Poll: Would you like to see a general election take place this year?
Last year
McDonald says Sinn Féin aiming to be in government across Ireland in 2024
The Explainer: The ups and downs of Irish politics in 2023 - and what does 2024 hold?
Analysis: Cameron's return exposes a government that is more clown show than shrewd operators
Sydney Nash
'There is no time to waste': What happens next after the Citizens' Assembly on Drug Use?
Protesters at the Dáil call for expulsion of Israeli ambassador to Ireland
Sligo TD Marc MacSharry will not run in next general election
Republicans battled over immigration, China and the economy - but frontrunner Trump was a no-show
Tom Clonan: There is a real danger now of serious injuries or fatalities at a far-right protest
Tom Clonan
100% Redress Party given green light to run candidates in elections
Mary Lou McDonald says best government would be one 'without either Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael'
'It matters to me personally': Micheál Martin sought to make hope and history rhyme in Israel
Varadkar: 'I have at least one, if not two elections still in me'
Bavarian deputy PM to stay in office despite anti-Semitism scandal
Roderic O'Gorman emailed by TDs over concerns about refugee accommodation and far-right figures
Opinion: The Commission has done the state some service but more TDs won’t solve the big issues
Dermot Ryan
Malcolm Noonan: 'For politics to work, we need fewer TDs and larger constituencies'
Malcolm Noonan
Nadine Dorries resigns as Tory MP with scathing attack on Rishi Sunak
The Explainer: Why is there so much talk about a farmers' party in Ireland?
The Explainer: Who is Robert F Kennedy Jr and could he be the next US president?