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# cow dung
Powered by poo: The unusual way one Thai village heats its kitchen stoves
In the small Thai village of Pa Deng nearly 100 families use cow dung as a source of energy.
# happy poo
People say this object will change the way you poo forever
Are you ready for the Squatty Potty?
# S-CRAP Metal
There could be millions of euro worth of gold in our poo
# crufts 2015
It's happened. A dog has taken a shite mid-competition at Crufts
Poor little Max. He just had to go.
# scoop it
Woman threatens dog owners who don't scoop the poop with unusual punishment
Revenge is stinky.
# poop
This kid's homework and his teacher's notes are a joy to behold
“Big poop is in the toilit.”
# The Rage
'Banter', 'foodie', 'Himself': What words drive you absolutely up the wall?
C’mon tweeps!
# crap
A plane had to make an emergency landing because a dog wouldn't stop pooping
Hey, when you gotta go you gotta go.
# just dance
Residents throw 's**t bombs' at Chinese grannies for dancing in public
‘Old people haven’t gone bad, it’s bad people who have gotten old.’
# there's no toilet paper
10 trials and tribulations of bathroom etiquette
It’s a minefield. Very few of us emerge unscathed.
# poop
Little girl is very upset because her brother flushed the toilet
HE FLUSHED MY POOP. (The brother steals the show.)
# crap one
Man thrown in jail for pooing his pants
Criminally disgusting.