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# meet the parents
China passes law 'forcing' children to visit their parents
Experts are unclear about the measures will be enforced or how often visits are required.
# blood donors
More blood donations needed to meet demand of ageing populations
A study shows that more blood donors will be needed in the future to cater for the ‘grey tsunami of ageing populations’ and the complex surgeries they will be getting.
# Quality of Life
Which county has the lowest disposable income per person?
New CSO figures also indicate that 15 per cent of all accommodation was vacant in 2011.
# Ageing
'Alarmist' concerns about an ageing society do not justify welfare cuts
A series of papers on Europe was launched by the Lancent Medical Journal this week. It also found a growing disparity between male life expectancy in eastern and western Europe.
# One Child Policy
330 million abortions carried out in China since 1971
China says that its one child policy introduced int he early 1980s has prevented overpopulation and boosted economic development.
# bare branches
Concern in China over number of single males
Even worse, these men – dubbed “bare branches” – are deemed to represent a danger to social stability.
# Vital Statistics
Birth rate down by 2.3 per cent in second quarter of 2012
New CSO figures show there were 17,958 births in the second quarter, with the average mother aged 31.9.
# Russia
Putin encourages Russian families to have an average of three children
Starting from next year financial benefits will be introduced for those who have a third child, the Russian President said.
# New Arrivals
Birth rate falls, but Irish women remain Europe's most fertile
The average Irish woman will have 2.06 children in her childbearing years – more than anyone else in the European Union.
# sexual health
Ireland 'performing well' in areas of sexual and reproductive health
However, in terms of contraceptive use, Ireland is still not quite hitting the average for developed countries.
# Population
Over 220 million women have an 'unmet need for family planning'
More than half of all reproductive-age women in developing countries have little or no access to modern contraceptives.
# geography quiz
Squeaky bum time! Here’s a secondary school geography test
It’s National Geography Awareness Week, so it’s time to put yourself to the test.
# help the aged
3,000 extra people a year are going to need long-term care - report
The report found a lot more people than expected will need residential care or home help in coming years.
# Emigration
One new emigrant every five minutes, according to latest CSO figures
The latest population estimates from the Central Statistics Office show emigration is higher now than any time in the 1980s.
Column: How to stop crises becoming disasters
On World Humanitarian Day, Concern Director in Kenya Anne O’Mahony writes from Nairobi on tackling the underlying causes of vulnerability to the worst effects of manmade and natural shocks.
# Suicide
One teen under age of 17 dies by suicide each month
New Irish study raises concern over 15- to 17-year-old age group while British study links recession and unemployment to rise in overall suicide rate.
Column: Population growth an obstacle to development...
…But let’s not fall back on reprehensible arguments that disease and food crises are “natural” methods of curbing it, writes Concern Worldwide’s Overseas Director.
# Census
Census results reveal Ireland's aging population
The number of young adults in the country has fallen by 10 per cent, according to the results of Ireland’s latest Census.
# Born in the USA
White newborns now a minority in the US
For the first time, there are more Hispanic, black and other minority children under the age of one in the US.
# EU
EU warns of rising financial pressure from ageing population
Almost one-third of EU citizens will be aged 65 or over by 2060, says EU report.
# Statistics
2,700 texts per person sent in Ireland
Latest Eurostat yearbook shows how we compare to our EU neighbours across a range of issues from household expenses to marriage and divorce.
# Where You Live
Census 2011 reveals Ireland's fastest-growing towns and counties
We already knew that there were 4,588,252 people living in Ireland last year – but the latest batch of CSO Census data means that now we literally know where you live.
# Brides on a Bus
City women visit Spanish town to 'ease a bride shortage'
A small Spanish town with a mostly-male population has bussed women in from Madrid to meet locals in the hope that some will form relationships and settle down.
# Dublin
Most people recommend Dublin for visit - but only a third feel safe there at night
Findings from Your Dublin, Your Voice survey shows the capital is considered a very vibrant place – but the public have some interesting suggestions to make it even better…
# Education
Rising student numbers means 3,000 extra teachers needed - union
The Teachers’ Union of Ireland has said the government “must not skimp” from the requirement to hire more teachers.
# Health
Healthier lifestyles should be encouraged as world's population ages - WHO
The number of people aged over 60 will outnumber those aged under five for the first time over the next few years.
# Census 2011
Census 2011: Over half the population lives in Leinster
Co Laois boasts the largest increase in population, while the highest growth of any constituency was recorded in Dublin North.
# Census 2011
Here are the highlights of Census 2011
Divorce is up, as is the number of people in rented property – here’s a snapshot of the nation on one night in April 2011.
# 7 billion
Seven billionth baby welcomed to the world
The world’s population is expected to reach 7 billion today – and the births of new babies is being celebrated worldwide. But some remind us that not all births are registered.
Column: An open letter to the world’s seven billionth child
As the world’s population officially hits 7,000,000,000, Tom Arnold of Concern tells today’s baby what lies in store.
# Ireland
Birth, death, marriage and jobs: A fascinating snapshot of Ireland
The tenth issue of the Statistical Yearbook of Ireland is out – and it provides a fascinating snapshot of Ireland today. Births, deaths, jobs, the environment – it’s all covered here.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Saturday
In tonight’s Fix: Sean Gallagher roars into Presidential lead, worldwide rallies back Occupy movement, and the soap legend who has poured her last pint…
# Population
UN says world population to hit seven billion by the end of the month
It’s estimated that the earth’s seven billionth person will be born on or before 31 October.
# Baby Boom
Record number of babies born in first three months of 2011
The baby boom continues in Ireland with a record 19,950 births registered between January and March this year.
# Emigration
110 Irish people emigrating every day - CSO
The Central Statistics Office says it expects 40,200 Irish people to emigrate this year – while newer EU citizens are also leaving.
# Population
Ireland has one of highest birth and lowest death rates in EU
New demographic stats show Ireland has highest natural growth – as population of EU tops 502 million.
# Baby Boom
World's population to hit seven billion this year...
… and over 10 billion by 2100. Most of a 2.3bn increase by 2050 will be in less developed regions.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Thursday
A round-up of the day’s big, news as well as the bits and pieces you may have missed…
# Census 2011
Running the numbers: First results of Census 2011
The CSO has released the preliminary findings of April’s census – and they show Ireland’s population is edging towards five million.