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Pound shop sells crap Christmas decorations, then tells everyone about it

Bless all the tiny angles.
Dec 17th 2014, 9:07 AM 4,163 1

UK CHAIN POUNDLAND is selling some questionable Christmas-themed items.

From misspelled cards:

To misspelled decorations:

To not very festive ‘snow spray’:

The shop’s customers have been getting in touch with their complaints via Twitter, and Poundland’s social media team has been diligently replying…. and letting everyone else in on the conversation.

By adding a “Hi” to each reply, the store ensures that every one of their followers can see their replies to the dissatisfied customers.

One Twitter user asked Poundland if the replies are a deliberate move.

We’re not sure if they understood the question:

MerryyCristmas everybody!

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