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This video shows a couple's adorable pregnancy journey in three minutes

Oh, and the internet loves them.
Aug 14th 2015, 8:18 PM 4,239 4

timelapse Source: Youtube

SARA AND JOHN are a US couple that just welcomed a baby into their lives – and have captured the internet’s heart at the same time.

The husband and wife uploaded a video last month that showed their full pregnancy journey from start to finish – and it’s really started to take off.

Here, Sarah starts the video in her studio – which would later become the baby’s room

early Source: Youtube

Things start to develop quickly as the room developed

early2 Source: Youtube

On Week 37, the room and crib have taken shape

early4 Source: Youtube

And then, the baby arrived to the


Watch the full video here and adore:

Source: The Counterbalance/YouTube

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