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# ralph breaks the internet
Why Disney decided to take the mick out of its princess stereotype
In the movie, the princesses stand up for themselves.
# Mystery
'Admit she was kidnapped' - Concerns raised over disappearance of Dubai princess captured at sea
Human Rights Watch has urged the Dubai authorities to reveal the whereabouts of the princess.
# let it go
Irish plastic surgeon says Frozen's Elsa is not a good role model for little girls
John Curran said Elsa’s type of beauty is unattainable and that is unfair on young girls.
# cristina
Spain's Princess Cristina is on trial in a landmark corruption case
The case has outraged the country.
# baby face
Lego has already introduced a royal baby Charlotte and it's freaking everyone out
We are through the looking glass now.
# trollin
Kensington Palace just trolled the entire world about the new royal baby
We tip our hats to whoever is running their Twitter account.
# you shall go to the ball
This little girl was embarrassed to wear her princess dress outside, so her uncle did too
# bir tawil
This man crowned himself king of an unclaimed part of Africa - and he's pretty serious about it
Jeremiah Heaton wants to turn the area into an agricultural hub for the region.
# it's a girl's world
Pixar finally has a lead female character who ISN'T a princess
Meet 11-year-old Reilly.
# on trial
Spanish princess appears in court over fraud investigation
Princess Cristina is in court to answer questions about her husband’s business dealings.
# magic carpet ride
Here's what Disney characters would look like if they were human
Oh God, the symmetry.
# no princesses
A kettle, a hammer, an Ouch Pouch: the painful secrets of making a ballet shoe fit
Ballet Ireland’s Zoe Ashe Brown on ‘breaking in’ a pair of pointe slippers. We weren’t expecting that.
# trailers
VIDEO: Your weekend movies... Diana and RIPD
Cinema trip this weekend? brings you snippets from new releases to help you decide where to put your money…
# Spain
Judge names Spanish princess in corruption case
This is the first time a direct relation of the king has been called to appear in a court of law on suspicion of wrongdoing.