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Comment #2245846 by Rachel O' Meara

Rachel O' Meara Mar 19th 2014, 10:30 PM #

I’ve been on both sides and sometimes it’s not easy! When I was working in a callcentre a few years ago I got a particularly abusive call in the first 30 seconds I was called a b*tch, a w*nker and a c*unt I was about to hang up after telling the caller about the three strike swearing policy the company had in relation to callers and this guy started shouting t*tw*nk over and over, as my finger hovered over the hang up button I realised he only started to get worked up when I told him he wasn’t allowed to swear, I had a look at the notes on his previous calls and every call read “customer very abusive had to hang up” so I asked was there a reason he felt the need to swear and he said yes I have turrets! The call took twenty minutes to get through (mostly because of the swearing) and killed my stats for the day but I didn’t care I helped him and solved his issue and he ended the call nearly crying with “thank you for not hanging up I’ve been trying to resolve this for weeks but because of my ticks people keep hanging up, I really appreciate it!” after that I didn’t give a fiddlers about stats anymore and concentrated on actually helping people sort their issues, my supervisor wasn’t happy but I pointed out that without customers we wouldn’t have jobs and that shut him up for awhile!

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