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Comment #1246665 by George Sheils

George Sheils May 29th 2013, 2:46 PM #

Michael, I’ve got to hand it to you that you’ve had the journalistic courage to investigate this topic. I’m surprised that no one else has thought of doing a top twenty list of biscuits. So, fair dues to you.

However, your study is somewhat incomplete.

Quite apart from so shocking omissions (No Fig Rolls, No lemon Puffs etc), I’m really disappointed that you didn’t add a paragaph on HOW to enjoy your biscuit.

For example, it takes quite a bit of creativity, dexterity and skill to remove the outer chocolate covering of a Club Milk for instance, without damaging the biscuit sandwich beneath. First one has to nibble away the four corners (quite easy) but removing the chocoate along the sides is more difficult and as for trying to remove the layer along the front and back well, that takes unreal skill !

Oh, and you ignored mentioning how difficult it is to time precisely how long it takes to dunk a Ginger Nut without the biscuit becoming so soggy that it drops off into the cup. People need to know this kind of stuff.

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