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Comment #1794303 by Anthony O'Shea

Anthony O'Shea Nov 11th 2013, 4:07 AM #

Yep, I say stuff like that all the time and I’m an atheist. Its just words in the English language used in a certain context.

Think about it, whenever you say “Oh my god” you aren’t actually referring to some type of supernatural universe creating entity you are just expressing surprise.

When you stub your toe on a coffee table and say something like “Jesus F@%*NG Christ Allmighty that stupid F@%*NG hoor’s abortion of Ba£t!4D table AAAGGHH!! ” you are also more likely to be annoyed with the position of a table than referring to an ancient historical figure from the middle east approx 2000 years ago who some people think had magic powers.

As for sex, I tend to shout my own name – since I’m that awesome.

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