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# Prom

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A Canadian teen edited Ryan Reynolds into her prom photos after her boyfriend broke up with her
Ryan Reynolds has responded with some more advice for her.
Justin Trudeau was out jogging and ended up brilliantly photobombing a group prom picture
Casual like.
This guy took his cat to prom and became a glorious meme
10 key differences between the Debs in Ireland and the Prom in America
A world apart.
A teen was suspended from school after wearing a fake bomb to ask a girl to prom
Probably not the wisest idea.
A straight guy asked his gay friend to the prom, and it was adorable
He just wanted to do something nice for his mate. D’aww.
Teenager straps on fake bomb to ask girl out, gets suspended from school
In fairness, she said yes.
This guy's mortifying attempt at asking his girlfriend to prom is going viral
Watch the late Robin Williams help his young co-star ask a girl out on a date
Incredibly sweet.
12 foolproof ways to ask someone on a date
Say it with pizza. Pizza and emojis.
Teenager asked to leave prom after dads complain she would give sons 'impure thoughts'
The girl says that her dress complied with the “fingertip rule”, but she was still asked to leave.
Teenager takes his great-granny to school dance - because she never had one
“Can’t wait to see my beautiful date in her stunning dress,” the 19-year-old tweeted before the dance.
Bryan Cranston orders girl to say yes to prom invitation
I am the one who dances.
Schoolkid asks Jennifer Lawrence to be his prom date
“We’ve got lots in common.”
Girl barred from school prom... as her 'breasts were too big'
“You can’t compare a golf ball to a grapefruit,” her mother said.
This kid asked model Kate Upton to his prom... and she said yes
Well, sort of.
So, what if #PromNight was a real prom?
Michael Noonan, Enda Kenny and the lads head to the Leinster House High Debs…
Everything you need to know about the promissory notes, but were afraid to ask
You have been and will be hearing a lot about promissory notes in the coming weeks but what’s it all about? We’ve taken your questions, come up with some of our own and asked the experts…
In photos: Pier collapses under teenagers before school prom
Nobody was hurt – but they got very, very wet.