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13 simple moments of pure unadulterated pleasure

And they’re all free, too!
Mar 23rd 2014, 11:00 AM 7,443 6

LIFE IS FULL of pleasures if you think about it.

Yes, there are the big ones.  Getting a job you really want, or the joy of a good first date, for example.

But it’s the small ones that are sometimes the best.  Like these

Having your back scratched


Getting your hair washed

Photo by Dad Source: iamtheo

Taking your hair out of a ponytail


Taking your bra off


 Having a good scratch


Having a cold drink after exercise

cold drink Source: János Balázs

Waking up and realising you can go back to sleep

Sleep, sleep Source: Pesi

Putting on a pair of brand new socks

Hilditch & Key / New & Lingwood socks Source: sleevehead

Cuddling a baby




Taking your shoes off at the end of the day

October 15, 2009: Shoes off Source: Mr.Thomas

A much needed visit to the toilet

Bathroom Source: njvack

Getting into a warm bed



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