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Brian McFadden shared an old photo of Westlife meeting the Queen with the most cutting caption
And self-deprecating, too.
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The Definitive Hierarchy of Quality Street
All lists are final.
# Magic Moments
The Toffee Penny reigns supreme in this year's box of Quality Street
There are LOADS of them.
# sweet warfare
Christmas staple Quality Street has made a big change to its sweet roster, and people are not at all happy
The much-loved Toffee Deluxe will be no more this Christmas.
# toffee deluxe
Quality Street has gotten rid of the Toffee Deluxe sweet and there is absolute outrage
# Survey
Young people in Ireland are more likely to have quality of life problems
It found that one quarter of adults reported at least three serious issues.
# Chocolate
11 Christmas chocolates that need to get in the bin immediately
Get in the bin, you sick and twisted sweets.
# Your Say
Is chocolate worse value than it used to be?
Pictures of Quality Street tins caused a furore yesterday.
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This photo claiming to show how Quality Street tins have shrunk has enraged the internet
But the people who make the festive favourite are adamant: all is not as it seems.
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This photo claiming to show how Quality Street tins have shrunk has enraged the internet
# the tin tins
Let's settle it for once and for all: Roses or Quality Street?
The great battle of our time.
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Here's how much smaller that tin of chocolates you're eating has become
You’re not going mad.
# War of the Roses
Roses are beating Quality Street in sales at the moment, but ONLY JUST
Which team are you on?
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A Definitive Ranking of Irish Christmas Chocolates, From Worst To Best
What are you stuffing your face with there? Oh. That’s controversial.
# Ah here
The Christmas sweets are in the shops
Well, this is depressing.
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The Big Fat Christmas Chocolate Quiz
Calling all chocolate affecionados: do you really know your Quality Streets from your Roses? Only one way to find out…
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The Daily Fix: Wednesday
In tonight’s Fix: Facebook to make major changes after Irish investigation; a possible solution for ghost estates; and the worst delivery man you’ll see today.
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The 12 burning questions* of Xmas: Roses or Quality Street?
This and every festive day until New Year’s Eve, let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
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The Big Fat Christmas Chocolate Quiz – Answers
Revealed: the 25 chocolates featured in Big Fat Christmas Chocolate Quiz.