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Almost €550,000 donated to grassroots fundraiser Feed The Heroes in 2 weeks
Here’s a round up of some lovely things people are doing for one another – from a teddy bear hunt to Gardaí walking senior citizens’ dogs.
A ridiculously kind randomer sent €120 to Leisureland in Salthill so kids could get in for free
This is what we need in life.
The stories people are sharing about George Michael’s good deeds
From helping the homeless and vulnerable children, to stopping in the rain to help change a flat tyre – here’s a list of Michael’s good deeds.
This lovely video of a Dublin busker jamming with a girl with autism is going viral on Facebook
“It meant so much to me that for once I didn’t need to say ‘Oh I’m sorry, she has autism,’” her mam told
This lovely Humans of Dublin post about the kindness of strangers is warming everyone's heart
Faith in humanity restored <3
A Maynooth waiter's kind gesture to this child with autism and his assistance dog is just lovely
Completely heartwarming.
This guy's epic Twitter story about losing his cake on the Tube is a delight
Proof that you can depend on the kindness of strangers.
This random act of kindness from Teddy's Ice Cream is going viral on Facebook
Sweet, in more ways than one.
Reddit sent toys and nappies to a mother whose fiancé died on Christmas Eve
A crowdfunding page has also raised over $6000 in donations.
This supermarket cashier's lovely gesture to a toddler is going viral
A restaurant owner is winning praise for this unbelievably kind gesture to 'lonely' customers
Proof that there are some good people in the world.
A woman was having 'one of those days' when a stranger handed her this lovely note
This heroic couple saved the day when these Irish fans lost their rugby tickets
So sound.
This woman calmed a stranger's baby on a plane, and now she's going mega viral
Check out this Tesco worker's act of kindness for a cancer patient
People are nice sometimes, aren’t they?
'The cashier came out of the kitchen, sat down, and began helping the man to eat'
An uplifting story for your Thursday evening.
A McDonald's cashier's lovely act of kindness for an elderly man is going viral
An uplifting story for your Thursday.
14 times people were really kind to each other
There are some good eggs out there.
No such thing as a free lunch? Not for these pensioners
Take a break and read about this random act of kindness.
This note made a new mother's day after a stay in hospital
She had arrived back to car to find a parking ticket on the windscreen.
This man's wonderful act of kindness to an Irish woman will melt your heart
There are some lovely people out there.
This man's wonderful act of kindness to an Irish woman will melt your heart
There are some lovely people out there.
This bus passenger's random act of kindness proves that people are good after all
A good egg.
This random act of kindness on a train is going viral worldwide
Somebody’s day just got made.
What's the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for you?
Share your random acts of kindness. Because it’s Monday, and we all need a boost.
Sinead O'Connor gave a Dublin busker €140 so he could visit his girlfriend
Did somebody say ‘national treasure’?
We got #RAKnominated – so here’s what we did was nominated to carry out a random act of kindness. Watch the video…
9 pain-free ways to brighten up your day
Pain-free AND cost-free. Ideal.
Have you done a random act of kindness today, like these people?
Would you pay a restaurant bill for total strangers?
Homeless NY man barefoot again despite officer buying him boots
According to the New York Times, Jeffrey Hillman was seen over the weekend wandering the streets with no shoes again.