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This drunk British man's extravagant and costly act of kindness is going viral

It involves pizza. Lots of pizza.

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Daniel works at London start-up Campus Society and is known on Reddit as SobeyHarker.

A few weeks ago, he posted an open letter to ousted Reddit employee Victoria Taylor asking if she would consider working for Campus Society. The letter was shared on Reddit by a user named u/korantaro and garnered the start-up some attention online.

To repay the Redditor’s act of kindness, Sobey-Harker tried to get him some pizza…


Until they realised that it’s very difficult for a UK resident to order a pizza for a person in the USA.

And so, after having consumed several beverages, Sobey-Harker approached r/randomactsofpizza and that’s when it all kicked off.

Can someone help me (UK) buy a pizza for someone in the U.S? I’ll reward whoever can get me a method that works.

Redditors suggested that he purchase Bitcoin and he followed their advice… and accidentally bought $550 worth of the virtual currency. Whoops.

ARE YOU IN THE STATES? DO YOU WANT PIZZA? TALK TO ME. MAY HAVE GONE OVERBOARD WITH BITCOINS. Like I bought 2 to make sure it worked and it turned out that’s like $550. Gotta be papa johnstho as they’re the easiest to sort out.

But soon it was raining pizza!

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And people all over the United States started receiving Papa John’s.

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Reddit users were soon saluting him as a “legend”.

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Today, Sobey-Harker acknowledged that he landed himself in a spot of trouble with the boss on account of the pizza being paid for with the word credit card.

Got massively chewed out and I’m definitely in the bad books I think. Hopefully this will blow over though.

But that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his pizza giveaway!

In fact, he has vowed to continue ordering pizzas for people until the Bitcoin balance reaches zero…

pizza Source: Reddit

Order us some Domino’s, yeah?

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