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Here's how one guy's opening offer on Tinder sparked an epic rap battle

The great Tinder rap battle of 2016.
Jan 14th 2016, 7:49 PM 9,041 2

GETTING THINGS GOING on Tinder after a match is hardly the easiest task.

So, this guy presented three options as to how they could proceed – and started something completely unexpected:

tinderbattle Source: Imgur

And followed was a rather long and well thought-out rap battle that’s delighted the internet since it was uploaded to Imgur earlier this week.

The great Tinder rap battle of 2016 began

tinderbattle2 Source: Imgur

She gave as good as she got too – these two are Tinder pros

tinderbattle3 Source: Imgur

After one particularly long set of rhymes, he casually says “let me know when you want this to stop”

letmeknowwhen Source: Imgur

But no, she wanted to keep this battle going

letmeknowwhen2 Source: Imgur

His final flurry seemed to tip the battle in his direction

tinderbattlefinal Source: Imgur

He’s given no indication whether such effort led to anything more with Samantha, but it was fun while it lasted.

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