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# Rashers

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# Rashers
People are not reacting well to the news that bacon is really, REALLY bad for you
The World Health Organisation have announced that processed meats can cause cancer.
# rinding me up
A bacon lover penned this hilariously dramatic rant to Tesco about a missing rasher
Don’t mess around with people’s bacon, Tesco. Bacon is serious business.
# baconfast
Someone has made Buckfast-flavoured rashers
*weeps* It’s just so…beautiful.
# Rashers
Is Canada's a-pork-alypse coming to Ireland?
Calm down, alright? We should be okay.
# Dilemma
The Burning Question*: Can a breakfast roll be eaten after breakfast time?
Let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
# cup of beans
Hate your beans touching your fry? This is the plate for you
Use the sausage as a breakwater.
# Food
Olhausen and Kearns sausages back in shops after Irish company buys brand
Mallon’s has taken over production and sale of the Olhausen, Kearns and Byrnes brands while machinery from the three closed factories was sold to businessman Larry Goodman’s company.
# bacon porn
Drink up: Your bacon is getting cold
Today is International Bacon Day. Break out the weird and wacky recipes.
The Daily Fix: Sunday
Our collection of the day’s news, developments and random tidbits. Today including: an awesome time-lapse video.